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  1. Not an exact number but they're not only deep with bodies but deep with really talented kids.
  2. A bunch of kids are showing up for summer workouts at the HS. Also a incoming freshman WR was giving the business to one of the varsity starting DBs during 7 on 7 portion. Bright future with the 25 class.
  3. Only thing that scares me about 2021 is the QB play. Im not so sure I wouldn't throw that youngster out there and go with a more read option approach. Short passing game. With a lot RPO concepts. The defense I expect to be much better.
  4. It could be worse but I expect an uptick in the next few years. Not sure its going to last as long as our 98-2006 run but they should produce a decent run. In the next couple of years.
  5. And that's the problem at Lufkin. On one hand you have a guy that has actually played RB and on the other hand a guy that plays baseball. Not to mention not getting it done as a recruiting coordinator. Set kids up twitter accounts and show them how they're supposed to post and reach out to college coaches. 95% of scholarship offers will be because of your twitter profile. It your business page if you're a recruit. Put kids in contact with personal position specific trainers. Maybe it's just me.
  6. This kid can play. He is the best DL in the state in the 23 class. Plays mean.
  7. And that may have been his down fall in the later years and its on the school board too. But I get it we can save a dollar and dont have to rock the boat. Its nothing personal.
  8. Quick definitely ran the defenses when I was there. They really haven't had the talent this last decade outside of 2 years (2017,2019)
  9. Its a good question. What I was told is that it was more of like Yoga or pilates esq. It wasn't bad but for what they were doing they still needed strength training. Just look at the track times. You could tell kids were not being developed properly.
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