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  1. I really like Hammond. But honestly wouldn’t have a problem with the others starting if they can step up in August. I’m more worried about the oline and receivers going into this season. The line has been horrible the last few seasons and We usually have some good receivers, but not sure who’s going to step up in this season.
  2. Yep, one of the reasons why i don’t say much anymore. Talked about it with Chad and others recently. I just don’t have it in me anymore. But still love the panthers, just not as into the program anymore. Hope y’all understand. I just don’t see the people in charge and heck even some of the kids doing what it takes to make this program be successful again. It’s tough to watch. As for the hire, I’m not going to jump on the guy, because i know he cares for the kids and he’s solid. However...I’m not sure the best candidate was selected. All I’m going to say on that. Hope y’all had a good and safe weekend and Memorial Day.
  3. I’ve talked to a few people and as of right now, it’s still on. I don’t know what to expect from this team. I’m hoping to see something today
  4. Yea....I usually don’t come out of the cave until about May 😂. Surprised you’re here
  5. I’ll know more after spring ball.....well if we even have it. Like PA mentioned, just mostly tired and frustrated with everything going on with this program. I know the kids like you....just not as involved in the program anymore. But I’m not trying to bring the mood down. I hope like everyone else, things improve. And definitely love what i see from the underclassmen and kids in middle school....just gotta hope for the best when they get to the varsity level. That’s it.
  6. I wish him success. Surprised by the hire, but definitely wish him success there
  7. That’s why i was thinking it would at least be close and Lv would have a chance to win.
  8. It should be a close game regardless. The lobos have a lot pride and their offense is talented enough to keep it close, even with a young Qb. Solid defense too. It won’t surprise me at all if Lv wins this one.
  9. I thought we all agreed to that??! Lol You could tell both schools weren’t that good..
  10. That’s not true at all. Since we dropped down to 5A (mostly 2018 and 2019), we’ve been bigger and faster than most of the teams we’ve played again, especially imo the two we lost against in the playoffs in LS and Texas High. Longview was really the only one that was either similar over the years or bigger on the lines. Size wasn’t the reason we lost...we gotta stop making those excuses. Teams like HP don’t have much size...SC was either smaller or similar on the lines when they went to state because i went to a few of their games.
  11. You know what....🤣 I’ve already told you about him and a few others, so let me get out of here. I’ll say this though, he did make some good plays this season, but definitely not against CS and LV.
  12. You probably meant Longview, but honestly you’re right. Not taking anything from the lobos, but we all i think (except for that one guy) said our offense would struggle against Longview. It was expected. Definitely not 5 points but yea.....not really surprising with the OC, horrible line and leaders on that side of the ball. Just wish the coaches were following most of the seniors that are leaving this year on that side of the ball (not talking about Wright, Berry and Flack)
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