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  2. Lufkin wins in OT over New Caney 13-7 by Josh Havard/LDN https://lufkindailynews.com/sports/high_school/article_f58cffd4-439e-5c9a-9811-11b35abc7e2b.html Less than four minutes into a crucial district matchup with the New Caney Eagles, Lufkin’s Jordan Moore scrambled into the end zone for a 7-yard run. Nearly three hours later, he ran in for the 14-yard winning score. In between those plays, the Lufkin defense stole the show to lead the Panthers to a 13-7 overtime win on John Outlaw Memorial Field at Abe Martin Stadium. “We had to have this one to
  3. What can he say? It was so bad to watch, maybe it was just a relief moment for him, to say it was a win. Maybe. I'm not giving enough credit to New Caney? I don't know. One thing I can say for sure, Lufkin has not played a single bad team this year. Unlike our past few years playing a team from Mexico or Nacogdoches. Willis? Everyone we have played so far in 2020 is a decent team with decent coaching.
  4. Other 8-5A DI scores tonight. College Station had an open week Magnolia 56 Conroe Cany Creek 0 Magnolia West 56 Waller 28 New Caney Porter 42 Cleveland 0
  5. Terrible night. At least we won right? Lol For the record PA. Quick sounded pleased with the win. He certainly didn’t say anything negative.
  6. This game was a "Comedy of Errors". We are not a good offensive football team right now. We are not getting better offensively I don't know what Quick said after the game, not sure it even matters 6 games into the season. We will get our head handed to us next week in College Station if we play this way again.. A 13-7 win in OT, who would have ever believed it. Boring Boring Boring game. A win is a win , is a win they say, I say BS. This was not fun to watch at all. Is it me?, or am I not giving New Caney enough credit as a team? Tell me if I'm wrong. We continue to be una
  7. All im going to say is this.... the Pack is undefeated ever since this showed up 🎱.....🤷‍♂️
  8. I’m not really gonna post all the negative stuff because it does no good and everyone sees what’s going on. We’re pretty average and it is what it is. Two shoutouts from me. One, DEFENSE held it down and saved some a$$es tonight. And two, coach put that game in Jordans hands at the end and dam it he won that SOB. Good for him.
  9. A 26 yard punt,cant block anybody we (i repeat) dont need to go to playoff,we would spend money for gas.charter busses and meal expenses.lets save our money and try to get coaches. Diboll could beat us,and we are the 3rd best team in Angelina county.
  10. Moore makes some bad decision , but he is running for dear life on every play, this line is terrible ,what is the O-line coach doing too remedy this problem. With this type play ,we don't need to think about winning any playoff games if we get that far....😒
  11. Better get football at Hudson,will not have a winning season in 5-6 years.No Guzman,Early,Mcphaerson,Dixon or Lashley.Why cant we get decent coaches?Oh wait we have to deal with Covid.
  12. Worse ive ever seen. Looks like two junior varsity teams playing.Hardest hit all night was on the ref. Been watching over 500 LP games this is the worse.Not faulting the boys,its coaching.Coaches from Hudson,Huntington,and Groveton and Alto.Talk to your school board,and your super.And even the announcers are beginning to stink!
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  14. That was the freshmen A team that tied 26-26. They still have a lot of guys out.
  15. No doubt our district is horrendous. But between the 8 games our JV and freshmen have been able to play, they’ve allowed a combined 18 points. So there’s that. Our JV definitely could’ve come close to scoring 100 points last night against Wylie East. For sure. We’ve had a running clock in the second half in every game I’ve seen thus far.
  16. Well, the freshmen must have lost a few players to grades because they are not the same team that started the season blowing people out. When that group is fully together, they are a formidable group. QB Knight and RB Isaiah Menefee are very good players. Not trying to be negative. As far as JV there is the fact that at least 10 sophs who should be there are playing on the varsity. Of course I'd rather see the Varsity win games and try to understand how we are trying to build through the JV this year. Freshman just need to get grade worthy.
  17. GAME DAY! GO PACK! https://www.facebook.com/JAMdigitalproductions/videos/358833182095217
  18. GAME DAY! GO PACK! https://www.facebook.com/JAMdigitalproductions/videos/358833182095217 https://fb.watch/1rPP5mjIo0/
  19. Moore Shines in the Spotlight by Josh Havard/ Lufkin Daily News https://lufkindailynews.com/sports/high_school/article_aa71ee0e-e21e-5be9-b4a7-d46c11b1241d.html In the world of high school football, there are those who step up to the challenge and those who run from it. In the case of Lufkin’s Jordan Moore, he’s the one meeting that challenge while diving in head first. That mindset comes from when he stepped onto the field for the first time with the Panthers. As a sophomore making his first varsity start, he was expected to be little more than a speed bump f
  20. Outside of Highland Park, Longviews district is a$$. Terrible district.
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