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  1. I had covid last month. Outside of not being able to smell or taste for 3 days nothing at all completely normal. I also watched someone that was diabetic have same symptoms and just like me did just fine with it. Everything is so political with this I'm not sure what to think.
  2. PA any way you could look at your DCTFM and tell me how may players Arlington Martin has coming back. Thanks
  3. I have been saying all along they would play football this year. They not cancelling the season. High school football is religion in Texas.
  4. Can't go straight to District games. Districts are not even.
  5. Inside info I got says UIL will announce Monday the season will pushed back 5 weeks.
  6. The Hooper kids will be 8th graders. I'm telling you that 7th grade class is loaded. They split the teams up this year. They got something.
  7. Yeah that 7th grade will be a load. I agree it takes an eye for talent that young but easy to project if you know what you're looking at. I've coached the last decade in youth sports mainly football. Jalen Hale and my son are pretty good friends to the point they make sure to team up together at camps.Ill be rooting for that kid.
  8. I knew we were going to be special in middle school. Finished 14-1
  9. PA can you share what it says about Temple and the top Sophomores listed.
  10. My step son is going to get some work in with him this week. Kids have been working. No doubt we will have a season. https://mobile.twitter.com/MikalPilot/status/1264958032146042885
  11. I can live with a delay. I'm feeling pretty confident we will have a season. The restrictions are being lifted slowly. The data suggest not as deadly as we initially thought although to be clear it's still atleast 5 times worse then regular flu. These next couple of weeks will determine a lot especially for our area specifically.
  12. After watching UFC 249 last night. You forget the fans are not there. I think the same would be for football on TV especially the better the game.
  13. Caleb Berry picked up a Washington offer today. He's probably the most highly recruited RB in Lufkin history. Lane was listed as a FB in HS according to Rivals.
  14. I've been coaching and working with kids for the last decade we have seen plenty of our kids in Killeen go onto play college football including several FBS kids with more to come in the next few years. You can tell a kids talent by middle school. Lufkin has some very talented kids in those classes. As for 27 and 28 classes hard to say that would be our current 10U kids in our program. You have to expose kids to higher level of competition at a younger age. Those kids playing piney woods don't have a chance at Lufkin. What do I know my son is only a Top 25 kid in Texas in the 23 class according to Dave Campbell's.
  15. I actually know the kids in those classes as well. Way to young to tell what they will have but the current 7th and 8th graders are very talented. I will say if the Jr Panther organization keeps it up getting this kids exposed to legitimate competition it will pay off.
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