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    There was nothing average about Smallwood. He was a leader and a really good athlete that was a pretty good QB. Just go back and watch the tape.
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    The Lufkin vs Longview game is on youtube not sure about WF though
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    Lufkin Football Glory Days?

    When Lufkin got off the buds it wasn't if we would win but how much we would win by. Playing in front of 20,000 + at certain play off games was a sight to see. We held our on with all the major programs. Like beating Katy twice, Euless Trinity and Spring Westfield are other premier teams and even 2-0 vs Allen in the Outlaw era. It was great times. Talent comes in cycles too much pride and tradition for it to stay doormat too much longer.
  4. Foundation my I didnt need to be born to understand Outlaw layed the real foundation.
  5. Your daddy didnt lay the foundation for .
  6. PurpleNation

    Found Lufkin vs Consolidated 1990 game

    What number was big Jeff Rodgers I know he had to have played on the 90 or 91 team right ?
  7. PurpleNation

    Found 1994 Lufkin vs Consolidated

    Not sure how much of the 94 game you watched but at the 18:00 minute mark you can watch Denvis Manns set the all time Lufkin record for longest TD run it is just so smooth 98 yards. I found myself watching it over and over. Also if you have not watched the 91 game when Lufkin is at home it is a must watch. just to see how the playing surface at Abe looked. Lufkin had some athletes back then tons of talent on the 94 team. The coaching was just beyond piss poor as well as that #12 left hand QB. Reminds me of another QB. I watched him over shoot 2 for sure td's and miss fire on a whole bunch of other throws. That 94 team could have challenged for a championship with the right coaching.They should have beaten JT that year in 94. Manns would have carried the ball 40-50 times a game if I had been coach.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3oJkbRCHQs Well found this one after I found the 1990 one. This was like striking gold for me. 1994 was a special season. For those of you that never got to see Denvis Manns like Cav007. Well this is your chance. Although these guys lost this one to Consolidated 24-6 so not Manns best day but still a cool watch. I can assure you he was the Manns around Lufkin..Now this you can see the big yellow panther on helmet clear as day, Not sure what was on the 1990 helmet. Lufkin finished the season 7-5-1.The season ended in the quarter finals. Huge accomplishment at the time considering Lufkin last playoff appearance was in 1988 with the infamous loss to Dallas Carter. So it had been 5 seasons since Lufkin made the playoffs. 2 years removed from the worst season in school history. One thing you notice that is a big difference from the 1990 game is the crowd in Cosolidated now is very small compared to the packed house you saw from Lufkin in 1990. Kind of makes you think if Lufkin current trend continues what will happen.Also look at Consolidated midfield logo in 1994 its the Eye like LSu has pretty sick if you ask me. Keep in mind that this was Consolidated back in there prime much like Lufkin in early 2,000's from 89-94 they had played in 3 state championships only winning one but comeing pretty ------ close in the other 2. To give you an idea how good the 94 Consolidated team was they beat Permian in 1994 23-3 the next week after Lufkin. Permian would go on and loose on the state semi-finals to Plano 10-0. Consolidated would finish 11-2 only loosing to SA Regan by 3 and none other then John Tyler in the playoffs 45-21.That game can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl_WiKBMNWc (Single Season) 2,141-Denvis Manns, 1994 (11 games) Although They played 13 games in 1994 Im not sure if that was a typo in the record section or he missed two games that season with injury. If he indeed played all 13 games that would had given him an average of. 164.69 per game. I know his single game mark still stands at 306 vs Marshall I believe. Both rushing records stand till this day. 1994 Beaumont Central Win 24-21 Conroe Loss 27-17 Jacksonville Win 24-17 Jasper Loss 27-9 A & M Consolidated Loss 24-6 Longview TIE 7-7 Tyler Lee Win 34-21 John Tyler Loss 31-30 Marshall Win 20-10 Nacogdoches Win 38-18 Division I Rep District Runner up Killeen Win 28-14 Klien (Region) Win 31-12 Plano (QTR) Loss 38-14 Team Finished: (7-5-1)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdlr6m0rVIM Stumbled across this already verified the final score with the score in the history section of Lufkin and it checks out. I know it is old and kind of pointless but thought it was a cool find. I can only remember games from 1994 the Denvis Manns era I was 8. Just wanted to post it because you never know who comes on the board maybe somebody can find themselves or if any younger fans wanted to see what it was like. Lufkin brought massive crowds back then. I was really impressed when I saw the Lufkin faithful maybe PA can recall this game and if he was there. This was when Lufkin had the yellow Panther on the helmet. I use to have that helmet as a child but lost it when I moved. Wonder if anybody has any pics of it. Little info AMC was coming off a 4A state championship loss to Chapel Hill in 89 and in 91 they would capture the state championship, In 91 Lufkin beat Consolidated 21-7.Marshall won 5A championship in 1990 Lufkin would lose to that team 33-3. Something else I realized while researching is that in 1994 Lufkin lost to both 5A state champs. John Tyler 31-30 and Plano 38-14. I can recall listening o both those game on the radio. I do remember going to several games that season as well. Ok I happen to find Consolidated vs Lufkin from 1991 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8p0_T7WJNI and man you if your are around my age just looking at Abe Martin is just strange and for you older guys it will bring back memories from long ago im sure of. Big difference is the midfield logo is a gold LP and the endzone is a giant gold Panther which I like. So keep in mind when you are watching the 91 game that was against the state champion that finished 14-2. They beat Carthage in the title game 35-16 1990 Beaumont Central Win 26-10 Killeen Ellison Win 31-12 Bryan Win 35-0 A & M Consolidated Loss 31-27 Dallas Roosevelt Win 23-18 Longview Loss 21-16 Tyler Lee Win 30-20 John Tyler Loss 28-20 Marshall Loss 33-3 Nacogdoches Win 20-15 Team Finished: (6-4) 1991 Beaumont Central Loss 35-9 Killeen Ellison Win 32-22 Bryan Win 21-14 A & M Cosolidated Win 21-7 Dallas Roosevelt Win 27-20 Longview Loss 36-27 Tyler Lee Loss 59-22 John Tyler TIE 21-21 Marshall Loss 8-7 Nacogdoches Win 9-8 Team Finished: (5-4-1)
  10. PurpleNation

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    Im going to post something BunzT posted about that Daingerfield team. That will show you exactly what it was like that day and age. This is pertaining to their RD Eddie Whitw who is black. On how he became the starting RB. Eddie came from Rhodes as an offensive lineman. Pewitt beat us the first game of the year , but Eddie, Arthur Clark Moore, Clarence Young, and some others never played in that game. On to atlanta. Same thing. Behind 9-0 at half. Coach Lane must have thought.......Screw politics I got to win some football games. In they came. first play from scrimmage they give it to eddie , all the way for a TD. Penalty Flag. Give it to him again. Same thing. Another penalty. One more time same thing and the refs gave up. Nothing in Atlanta could stop him. 22-9. Fight breaks out. My friend Clarence Young grabs two little white DB"s in the end zone and slams them together like two 2x4's. Everything in DF football changed that nite. Maybe all of Texas. The boys from the PVIL were taking good teams and making them great.
  11. PurpleNation

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    Also a nice little tid bit When Lufkin Dunbar won in 66 they beat the defending State Champs in Wichita Falls Washington 14-7. In 65 Wichita Washington beat Nacogdoches Campbell 31-0(Extra thankful for Washington winning this one). Lufkin also won it in 64 over Marlin Washinton 20-7. So the 1966 state game featured the previous 2 champions. Thast is the little tid bit of information I wanted to share. http://www2.uiltexas.org/athletics/archives/football/pvil_records.html
  12. PurpleNation

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    Im just glad I did the poking around and found it. Bunzt also said he will look into getting more pics. I know PA will enjoy these pics when he sees them. 12-03-2013 08;38;15PM.JPG (A real good read)
  13. PurpleNation

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    A real special thanks for Bunzt from Smoaky board.
  14. PurpleNation

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    . Lufkin dunbar had won the State PVIL 3A championship several times just before playing DF in their last year before full intergration. Not only DC Nobles but running back Marvin Mills. Marvins brother Curtis won the 440 NCAA 440 , setting the world record and beating Lee Evans and another olympic medalist in 69. Marvin also went to A&M and joined his brother on the 880 relay team as a freshmen where they set the world record then also. Lufkin Dunbar is/was the best team DF ever played. They were virtually a farm club for the U of houston and other colleges. Driving thru the monsoon on the way to nacodoches we found it necessary to buy rain gear. the town was already sold out. We settled for heavy duty trash bags. One play stands out and I may have it out of context. I think it was on the try for two. Within the 5 yard line James Howell grabbed Marvin Mills by the face mask and drug him out of bounds. The penalty was only half the distance . DF held on the next play and the rest is history. Courtesy of Buntz from Smoaky.