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  1. I agree we need to turn the pressure up with some stunts.
  2. Has it been confirmed concussion
  3. No such thing as a small concussion if that's the fact. He would miss Saturday by rule if im not mistaking if that is the official diagnosis
  4. Can't complain I'll pick my oldest kid up in Temple and head to the game in Waco. Works out perfect. Off topic but I was told by the head coach of Temple he would start as a freshman next year. So I'll have 2 teams next season. After their debacle against Horn last night they will need all the help they can get. As for Lonestar not worried. There offense struggles against good defenses. Now defensively they have some talent. They defend the spread really good but they only play with 5 in the box. At least that's what they showed against The Colony who runs a spread offense. Not sure they will try that with our running game should be interesting. Just think they have serious offensive issues.
  5. Just a shaky first half but complete domination in the 2nd. Lufkin going to be ok. Highland Park only scored 35 on a bad Independence defense. Will be interesting next week
  6. You on home or visitors tomorrow?
  7. My man. Magic 8 ball never fails.
  8. I'm living in the future see you at Jerry World.
  9. They think I'm playing about Tomball. JT defense not good. So unless a team is just trash they going to score on JT. That district is terrible outside Poteet and they're just ok. Tomball may not win it but it's going to be up in the air late. Gut feeling. I think CS and Poteet is a toss up. Now Sherman and M.North are both getting choked out. No doubt.
  10. That guy with the top 5 teams to beat HP is an idiot. I've seen Lone Star defense and I've seen our defense. No comparison. Lufkin by all accounts should handle Highland Park with little trouble. I expect Lufkin to play with the same intensity and focus from here on out they displayed against CS and MW. I'm more worried about defensive teams like Denton Ryan then Highland Park.
  11. I died inside when he said hope you don't think JT will be a cake walk. They better worry about Lancaster and Tomball first because we definitely going to beat JT. No sleep.
  12. Thanks. I didn't move back until late 2016 lol. Usually just buy mine at the gate.
  13. If Lufkin can't beat McKinney North. Jump on them put them away and let's move on. This game shouldn't be competitive.
  14. I like Wagner on that side. Hutto still could win it of course but I think I know how good Wagner is being a tough out for Judson and the run a lot of option. Hutto nearly lost to 4A Liberty Hill who is all option. So big question mark surrounds them in my eyes. Shadow Creek was down like 4tds before whoever they played imploded. I think Wagner just has the least question marks. They looked decent on tape.