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  1. And they shouldnt. To be quite honest most outside of our bubble dont view us the same and haven’t for a while.
  2. Idk the specifics but there has to be a reason. I dont think companies would just turn down money making opportunities. In my experience with quoting jobs. The only way i wouldnt do the job is if it wasnt cost efficient for myself or if the customer had unrealistic expectations of what my services should be. Maybe the companies are just turning down money but judging by how other things are handled around here. I would put money on it being a “we want you to do this but” situation. Like i said idk the details just a guess based on our track record.
  3. Little late to this but i saw ya'll talking about Thompson’s ejection. You can still be called for targeting even if you hit with the shoulder.
  4. Its all good folks! The sun will come out tomorrow and we will all move on with our lives. On to the next!
  5. Well when i saw quick say “this may be the best 4th place team in the state” i knew they would lose
  6. Only way to get the point across is in the pocket book. You hurt that you get noticed
  7. Lufkin had multiple opportunities to win the game. We can blame coaches all day. Players didnt make plays in key situations also. It is what it is. We played nobody besides Longview all season. I always see us Lp fans talk down on other schools who “play nobody” we aint no different!
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