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  1. They were less than stellar to put it mildly. Its the first game so hopefully they improve. There is quite a bit to critique there
  2. What a freaking joke. Legacy puts in back ups and are more aggressive in clock management than we were trying to come back. Embarrassing
  3. Im watching the game i just didn’t understand what you were saying bud. Seemed like you were insinuating that 23 is only playing because of his dad? D has looked pretty bad. They have made adjustments but the coaches cant tackle for them. When your in position you need to make the play. Offense is starting to gel. Im happy about the new locker rooms personally
  4. Do you know how the live stream is going to work PA? Do we just buy the single game to view it or what?
  5. Drove by the school today. The multipurpose facility is really going to look great where its at
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