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  1. As long as it takes to not cost your team over a stupid selfish penalty. Fight their a$$ on the scoreboard.
  2. Just imagine how much better it would be. If they didnt have to overcome adversity that they themselves create with dumb penalties due to lack of discipline and poor decision making. Its always just win baby until you lose because of avoidable mistakes. You talk about the coaches, are they out there getting personal fouls on a big 3rd down stop, losing containment or making the wrong reads? Nah they aren’t. Doesn’t mean they also dont make mistakes but if you are trying to put it on the staff and praise the players then i think thats a short sighted perspective
  3. I would like to know this as well?
  4. Imagine if they long td run hadnt come back. He would have had 18 touches and over 200
  5. Thank the lord. Norths tightend was big
  6. The problem is the rudimentary things. We still cant cover a post? Now im watching our defense get sucked inside instead play sound lane responsibility defense. Pretty sad and if mckinney coach had any sense he would just continue to expose it
  7. This is exactly what i was talking about and why i was worried.
  8. This is just embarrassing. display on the field
  9. See, now this is the type of forward thinking we need on this forum!!! Btw PJ is not on the app anymore and is not allowed to meet with us at the game! Just a bad bad friend !!!!