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    Nah i just troll the people whos lives depend on 15 to 21 year olds. Also most of the longview fans on there are pretty unbearable. They could beat God and a team full of angels on the gridiron. Im an outsider on there. Dont really talk highschool much. Primarily on the college threads. Im glad what im doing is working

    Im notmally on the friday night rivals app
  3. HAppy for all of those kids

    Its good to see that when we play at magnolia now that they wont have to delay the game to fill holes in the field with sand.
  5. My wife is a teacher, so seeing what they have to deal with year in and year out for what they earn. I would only vote for the bond if it would include prioritizing our teachers and giving them a much needed raise. Id love to have nice new facilities and for them to be on campus, but i couldnt vote yes knowing our teachers are getting pushed even further to the end of the line.
  6. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Great post. Its very easy to lose sight of the important things in life and even easier to focus on the negative. This football season was really fun. It took me back to the old days when Lufkin was basically a 4th-5th round lock. Honestly it felt more special than the rest because nobody gave us a chance. We could have competed with anyone left down the stretch. I hope i get to see another pack title in my life.
  7. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Ill give lobo well wishes and congratulate them on a win. I will never cheer for them to win anything and that goes for any other team in the same classification as Lufkin. The Pack is my team and if they arent in it then i wish everyone remaining could lose somehow. Ill never understand hoping a team other than your team would win it it all lol. I will never be that guy
  8. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    People dont show up for sfa sports. Parking should be fine lol
  9. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Man that pass. I could not believe we threw the ------ ball there
  10. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Pj just told me sat at 1 sfa
  11. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    What a completely idiotic play call
  12. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Headed out now. Hopefully i return to lufkin a happy man lol
  13. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Theres no Doubt that elongated drives he will be choking up lol. As far as how do you block him, i think you need to run some counter type plays on the ground. Allow him to over pursue and get out of position as well as some QB keepers and RPO’s. Make everyone else beat you. Nothing wrong with keeping away and not alliwing him to be a force.cutting him will also be key. He is the type of player that even when he is gassed he still eats up tons of space and doesnt have to be THE GUY. Frustrate him and wear him down.
  14. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    All of these breakdowns are really cool PA