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  1. PA, Major college Football is about to push to the fall it appears. If they do that then how can we safely expect High School Kids to play. I just think it’s not worth the risk especially a few players having issues and one athlete just had heart surgery due to the virus. It’s a hard sell if I was a parent of a high schooler to let my kid play during this time. I don’t think we need to live scared but we have to be smart at the same time and HS football has many unknowns at this time.
  2. PA, Yep this will tell us a lot. Some of the smaller schools I think will be ok. I hope the coaches are telling the kids to do their best at social distancing and no parties easier said than done but the kids will have to sacrifice some things in order to keep the season going other wise we’ll see y’all next year. I also think it’s food they require a doctor to clear the players before returning dame thing with concussions take it out of someone in the program and keep the kids best interest in mind. Go Pack
  3. PA, Lee is now called Legacy. Tyler Legacy red raiders. Looks like JT will be Tyler High. Go Pack
  4. PA, I understand but each day and with the MLB having issues I definitely do not think we will finish the football season it may start but we have thousands of players compared to MLB. I just don’t see it. All the colleges and pros are getting tested multiple times. I will not get my hopes up that we will finish a season at all. Go Pack
  5. PA, I think you are spot on and also not having the team from Mexico this year. I think the crowd size will be good and I think that all that want a seat will get a seat I don’t foresee any issues with trying to get tickets. Go Pack
  6. Tyler South is that what they are calling the old lee school until they find a name? Is JT Tyler North? Excited we will have football and hopefully we can finish the season and I pray all stay healthy and we kick this virus *ss.
  7. PA, Going to be a interesting year. I pray all goes well and the kids stay safe and we can finish this season. Go Pack
  8. PA, I would bet the season starts later and it goes straight to district games no pre-season or scrimmages not worth the extra risk. Similar or the same as TAPPS.
  9. PA, Yea getting to feel like it will not start on time or will not play all together. Can we just all sleep and wake up and 2020 be over with?
  10. Awesome way to go. If I am not mistaken the coach kine is from East Texas and coached. What better way to build your team fill them with Texans especially tough East Texans. Hawaii is beautiful only downside they play late and it’s a long plane ride. Best of luck young man.
  11. PA, That will work as well. I really hope more sports can play to help ease the minds of this world we are living in for a few hours at least.
  12. I imagine others will follow with designes maybe not in time for this year but next year unless we get a vaccine or it goes away. Like the idea and anything we can do to make things a bit safer I am all for and hopefully the schools can get them for a reasonable price.
  13. PA, https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29454756/nfl-unveils-oakley-mouth-shield-combat-coronavirus A bit of protection not sure of the high schools can get them or afford them.
  14. Each day I wake up and wish this virus would disappear like the Spanish flu. I think LP will be really good this year if they get to play. Go Pack
  15. Just read junior colleges will play in the spring as well. The ACC, Pac-12 will also join the Big 10 and play conference only. I imagine all colleges will do that and Notre Dame who plays 6 ACC games will play in the ACC completely this year. Going to be interesting year. I even foresee if it continues no college bowl season most the semi finals and championship. We shall see.
  16. PA, We have talked I think High School will not start on time. College will play later as well with only conference games the Big 10 started it and I expect the others will follow. This will allow them to start a little later. I would even not be surprised if they cancel High School Football this year it sucks but I just don’t see it happening.
  17. I agree disservice but I think he is speaking in terms of the whole state not playing not Just Dallas. Either way I just hope the kids can play and keep safe. What a sad way to go out for seniors this year and last year if they cancel everything. I think they will play just not start the season until Nov or later in the year.
  18. PA, wow the Dallas School Superintendent just told @GarrettHaake he's pretty sure there will be no Texas high school football this year From Twitter
  19. PA, 100% agree tired of all the politics from everyone. Good info on more about the chart. I was telling my wife Texas has over 29 million people. People need to be smart Period like you said above. Either way I hope to listen to big nasty soon and Panther wins.
  20. PA, Did you see this from Texas doctors? To be honest I do not think they will play fall sports this year or will get pushed to the spring. Showing football and basketball as 7 moderate High. https://www.foxnews.com/health/texas-doctors-rank-activities-posing-greatest-risks-for-contracting-coronavirus
  21. The best and safe way is to test the players and coaches Say Thursday have them in some type of quarantine and get results by Friday’s game that gives you a better chance not 100% due to false negatives. Have them do school work for Friday while In quarantine. Only allow the scrimmages and play district Games only no need to risk it by playing those two extra games IMO. Place all seating at abe 6 feet apart require masks for all except the band while playing maybe even place them further apart if needed. Limit capacity to 50% or lower. Everyone coming in has a temp check and gets hand sanitizer and mask must be worn unless eating. Do not put out any food product in common areas Have everything given to the individual or even find a way to pre pack everything in a box that limits interaction. Bathrooms place the 6 ft signs on the floor and have some one limiting the occupancy as well. Make the fans sign waivers as well no need for a potential lawsuits you enter at your own risk. Also ask the fans have you been outside the area the past 14 days? Have you been in contact with any covid-19 individuals to your knowledge in the past 14 days and lastly do you have a cough or feel sick. These things suck and nothing is 100% but you have to try and make it work and be creative. I also feel that school needs to do reduced hours every Other day for students or half from 6-12 then 13-1800 just find ways to limit crowd sizes and limit the turnover between class starting.
  22. PA, great points. As the cases rises with sport figures And the college level facing cases. I do not see how High School can play football this season without the testing not temperature that is one example no telling who actually has it or the antibodies. I do not think they will finish a season not this year anyways. I Hope so for the kids nothing like your senior year representing your school and playing at abe.
  23. PA, I forgot they scrimmage LV that will be good. Should be interesting season and how many players stay healthy that could be the key to winning state keeping your star players healthy. How will the UIL ensure the coaches are not playing the star players that may be sick to just win a playoff game or better yet how many star players will be quite about it? Interesting times.
  24. PA, I read everything just do not respond to much. I gladly appreciate it all you place up. LP schedule is what it is wish they could play a big team in Dallas or Houston at a big stadium win or loose play the SLC, Or Katy or whoever else not excited about Lee or Nac especially NAC that game is almost worse than playing the México team. District they will make the playoffs. Fans are more eager to see what they do in the playoffs. If they made it 3 or 4 deep every year that would be different but not making it past rnd 1 or 2 with all the talent is craziness. Go Pack
  25. Remember mid 2000 Darks went or signed with them he was a LB so they have dipped in Lufkin before. I think he should go to whatever feels is the best for him and sometimes getting away is the best. Also Nevada is building a Lufkin pipeline. Free education and travel can’t beat it. Wish them all the success. Go Pack
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