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  1. That is really really nice. Glad to see we are up to date and the kids will love that. Only thing left to do is update the press box at Abe.
  2. PA, That was a great day. I was home on leave and had a awesome time with my grandfather who is no longer here and my Family. Watching his face as Lufkin won is a moment I will never forget. I pray that one day I get to experience that feeling again with my kids and nephews. My kids will not play for Lufkin because of my service and living all over but they will always know about the Panthers. Go Pack
  3. We will never be a Allen but we can be Longview and the other powers. I admire King he went out and talked someone that was 47-15 and a AD at a good school to comeback and be a DC. No matter the reasons that is Recruiting 101. I have been a recruiter for 9 years and have been to all the classes on selling. He is a great salesperson. It’s all good. I hope we are wrong just tired of not being what Lufkin should be.
  4. Again not bashing the man as a person and not is fault he got the job. Just don’t think we got the best person we could have compared to what other big boy football teams are doing.
  5. Meanwhile Longview does this. 46-25 and was the AD/HC and left to become a DC. Meanwhile we got Huntington. 👀👀 It’s been time to rock the boat. The question is when will anyone say something or will it be standard procedure for then next 5-10 years? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbs19.tv/amp/article/news/local/gladewater-head-football-coach-john-berry-leaving-program-to-take-over-as-dc-for-longview-lobos/501-289fe278-031d-41be-b441-270998440a7c
  6. PA, No doubt he is a good person and cares for the kids. But let’s talk X and O. He is 2-17 as a HC and let’s not pretend while he was at Huntington they were not world beaters when he was a assistant. We have several former Panthers coaching that have had more success than him. We can’t be a big time program making a comfortable hire. I hope I get to eat my words in the future but without a doubt this speaks volumes of the program. This year other schools have had HC leave and go become Coordinators. This is Lufkin well use to be.
  7. Wow Wow Wow not the hire I would have expected and the history does not bold well at all. This is who Lufkin could get? Go get a Longview assistant or something. This tells us all we need to know about Panther Football. Prepare for more mediocre football.
  8. I wonder what happened? Quick was a beast in the weight room when I played he did not mess around. The off season program was legit. Does he not have enough time to be the AD and run things like he did before thus causing the program to digress? Because no doubt he can coach D it has been proven. I don’t get it. GO PACK
  9. PA, I am sure any top candidate would have been identified and called and the deal would be done. Maybe a out of state person or former player? Sad day when you can’t get a top DC to come in and be excited to boost their career for a few seasons. Hopefully we are wrong. Go Pack
  10. PA, I 1000% disagree with this. 1. Please keep politics away. 2. Tim Tebow and many others were home schooled. Imagine if he would have never had the opportunity? 3. If I live within the Lufkin ISD system and pay taxes my money goes to the school and other resources directed at the city then my child has that right to play sports or band. If I don’t live within the ISD boundaries then I agree with that position. Just my opinion Go Pack
  11. Love the new stadium. I do have a few questions. 1. Will they move the scoreboard or get another one? The scoreboard currently does not match what a great field we have. 2. What is going to happen to the old field? Leave it for others to play and use it for tournaments maybe other playoff games? Go Pack
  12. Welcome, are you in Seattle now? I am stationed here and live in Bonney Lake. Go Pack
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