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    Does anyone hear remember the 2009 Katy vs Bellevue, WA game? Katy defeated Bellevue 34 - 17 and Bellevue went on to win their state championship. Moments after Bellevue's Championship win, they held a sign honoring the Katy Tigers for contributing to their championship. At one time, years ago, there was a picture of the sign, but I've not been able to find it nearly ten years later. However, to make it even more interesting: In my opinion, that's the ultimate example of sportsmanship and one helluva honor for the Katy Tigers. I remember during 2003 season when Katy came to Lufkin and lost big. My friend and I came to watch that game, but had to sit on the Katy side because home was already full. Interestingly, there were Lufkin fans also among the Katy side and lined along the outside of the fence. My friend and I to this day remember the ------ some Lufkin fans gave Katy on their side. They were saying things like, if they wanted to see bad, they'd watch the Houston Texans. They repeatedly referenced the Katy Tigers as the Houston Texans. They were coursing and throwing stuff at the Katy football team from the stands. The Katy football players literally were looking up into the stands at all the nonsense they were being subjected to. This was, for me, an example of home-field advantage at it's best. What was even more interesting was Lufkin losing in the first round to Garland 19 - 10. This same friend I went to Ennis to watch the game. I wrote on the side of my truck something like "51 - 0 Lufkin". While on the way there, nearing the stadium, my friend brings to my attention that the car next to us is trying to get me to row down my window. I turned out to be Jorvorskie Lane's aunt and uncle, screaming across the highway if we knew were the stadium was. Screaming back, I told them we didn't, and they screamed back to follow them. Lufkin loses 19 - 10, and after the game is over, while I started wiping off the Lufkin representation on the side of my truck, Jorvorskie's uncle told me not to, to wear it with pride. So we drove all the way back home with something very different written on the outside of my truck than what really happened. In amazement, my friend and I watch the Katy Tigers go on to win the State Championship. Was it karma? The story is rather uninteresting, but the outcome is hilarious. Lufkin dominates Katy, Lufkin loses in the first round and Katy goes undefeated the rest of the season to win state. I remember after the Lufkin game that Katy said they would never go back to Lufkin again, not because they lost, but because a few toxic Lufkin fans. So what's the difference? How is it that opponents of Katy generally regard their culture with the up-most respect, yet Lufkin seen as something much different. Maybe things have changed and it's different now. I'm not knocking it, it's just interesting to me. I think that ruthlessness mentality of Lufkin really makes it hard to win there. The fans and the team, they get inside your head. It's pretty fascinating compared to a culture like Katy.
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    2001 Season

    Thanks for the reply PackAttack! What happened with the goal line stand against Spring Westfield? I can't remember that, but I remember a fieldgoal though. If I remember correctly, wasn't Lufkin ahead at half against Evangel? If they weren't, it was a lot closer than the final score. What happened in the 2nd half? Those were the days when Evangel were an nationally elite team.
  3. I'm trying to remember some of the classic games of the 2001 season and I'm coming up just a little short. There was a site years ago that had the best games for a given year, but it's long gone now and Lufkin held several "best games" for the 2001 season. If I'm remembering correctly, there was the field goal for the Spring Westfield game, the comeback form 21 down against Trinity, and the comeback win against Austin Westlake for state. Anyone care to help remind me of some of the classic games from that season? Also, what happened to all the footage? Matt Skinner told me he couldn't find much other than the Austin Westlake game.