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  1. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    I expected Longview to run away with this game, but it turned out much different. Wishful thinking is hoping Lufkin will ever be as fundamentally sound as a well coached Katy team. Regardless, it was still one heck of a game!
  2. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Diving interception, that was a relief!
  3. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Why is it Lufkin seems to be one of the teams least disciplined and lacking of fundamentals? Always seem to be making careless mistakes.
  4. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Pretty interesting game so far with some key missed opportunities. Longview's QB looks pretty dangerous to me, has some speed, good arm and some good coaches behind him.
  5. 2001 Season

    Thanks for the reply PackAttack! What happened with the goal line stand against Spring Westfield? I can't remember that, but I remember a fieldgoal though. If I remember correctly, wasn't Lufkin ahead at half against Evangel? If they weren't, it was a lot closer than the final score. What happened in the 2nd half? Those were the days when Evangel were an nationally elite team.
  6. I'm trying to remember some of the classic games of the 2001 season and I'm coming up just a little short. There was a site years ago that had the best games for a given year, but it's long gone now and Lufkin held several "best games" for the 2001 season. If I'm remembering correctly, there was the field goal for the Spring Westfield game, the comeback form 21 down against Trinity, and the comeback win against Austin Westlake for state. Anyone care to help remind me of some of the classic games from that season? Also, what happened to all the footage? Matt Skinner told me he couldn't find much other than the Austin Westlake game.