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  1. This is more like the kind of defense I expected all year.
  2. Now that is interesting. Maybe the kids are more interested in girls and cellphones than football. I don't know, I'm just assuming. haha
  3. What is it about the defense? I haven't seen a Lufkin game in person all year, just listened to them on the radio.
  4. Def on the defense, which I've been shocked more than once this year given this year was expected to be a premium defense.
  5. Who'd you start at this point, Kewone or Jordan Moore? I've missed some games this year, but I figured Jordan Moore would be starting by now.
  6. Well said LPanther. My Opinion: I love competitive games, but not games that are competitive because the better team turnover-ed to a competitive game. Hopefully they get that part of the game tighter before the playoffs.
  7. Looking like he has a bright future.
  8. He seemed to do exceptionally well for a sophomore when he was playing, at least to me.