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  1. What’s going on with our Football Program in Lufkin are the kids not buying in to Quick anymore , what is it
  2. I'm a Prairie View Alumni , and thats not true about the Bands yes they get attention and also PV has played power 5 schools, Texas A&M two years ago and UH last year and Rice University , PV is also rank in the Top 10 in HBCU power Rankings so whatever You saying about HBCU thats not true sir .
  3. The UIL is allowing the band and Drill Team Cheerleaders to travel during the playoffs
  4. The Pack need Berry to get healthy for a chance to get to the playoffs if Berry don’t play we lose
  5. Do anybody have any Games from the Season we won State on video.
  6. Marshall Was a thorn to us back then the District was very good. You had Lufkin,Marshall,Nac,Pinetree,Longview, Tyler Lee,John Tyler,Texas High you had to bring it every Friday night.but with the sources we had back then I think we did pretty good under Pat Culpepper.
  7. I played on that team that lost to Carter Pat Culpepper was our coach ....
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