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  1. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    Guys, we need to just let it go. As stated earlier in this thread, our administration and board are obviously not upset with the current state of the football program. We as fans either need to just enjoy what we have or quit going to games. It does not appear that any changes are coming.
  2. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    If this is the problem, I guess whoever is hiring them should be accountable.
  3. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    no, it was the convenient move at the time, not the right one
  4. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    Sorry PackAttack, but I 100% disagree. GREAT programs may have a down year (one and done) every once in a while, but not often. Those programs have expectations and standards that are set by the coaching staff, admin, community, etc, and they do not waiver from them. If anyone read our sup's Thanksgiving editorial in the LDN, I thought it was interesting that not one athletic achievement was mentioned as what she is thankful for. She mentioned some great programs in our school district that do deserve recognition. However, I find it glaring from reading it that athletics has now taken a back seat in this administration so the expectations from downtown to the coaches is no where near what is has been in the past. Just my opinion.
  5. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    Then don't give up 70!!!!!
  6. 2016 Lufkin Panther Football

    Why would you be asked not to discuss the Sideliner meeting on here?
  7. Lufkin Panther Sports

    I probably should leave this topic alone but..... I expect the UIL to bring the hammer. Mistake or not, 2 years in the wrong classification is going to bring huge penalties. Just think of all the affected travel budgets and lost playoff revenue for so many districts across the state. I hope I'm wrong but I'm afraid this is not a big deal, but a HUGE deal.
  8. Lufkin Panther Sports

    lufkinsoccer.com for the girls