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Lufkin Dunbar ?

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. Lufkin dunbar had won the State PVIL 3A championship several times just before playing DF in their last year before full intergration. Not only DC Nobles but running back Marvin Mills. Marvins brother Curtis won the 440 NCAA 440 , setting the world record and beating Lee Evans and another olympic medalist in 69. Marvin also went to A&M and joined his brother on the 880 relay team as a freshmen where they set the world record then also.

Lufkin Dunbar is/was the best team DF ever played. They were virtually a farm club for the U of houston and other colleges.

Driving thru the monsoon on the way to nacodoches we found it necessary to buy rain gear. the town was already sold out. We settled for heavy duty trash bags. One play stands out and I may have it out of context. I think it was on the try for two. Within the 5 yard line James Howell grabbed Marvin Mills by the face mask and drug him out of bounds. The penalty was only half the distance . DF held on the next play

and the rest is history.

Courtesy of Buntz from Smoaky.

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Also a nice little tid bit When Lufkin Dunbar won in 66 they beat the defending State Champs in Wichita Falls Washington 14-7. In 65 Wichita Washington beat Nacogdoches Campbell 31-0(Extra thankful for Washington winning this one). Lufkin also won it in 64 over Marlin Washinton 20-7. So the 1966 state game featured the previous 2 champions. Thast is the little tid bit of information I wanted to share.


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Im going to post something BunzT posted about that Daingerfield team. That will show you exactly what it was like that day and age. This is pertaining to their RD Eddie Whitw who is black. On how he became the starting RB.

Eddie came from Rhodes as an offensive lineman. Pewitt beat us the first game of the year , but Eddie, Arthur Clark Moore, Clarence Young, and some others never played in that game. On to atlanta. Same thing. Behind 9-0 at half. Coach Lane must have thought.......Screw politics I got to win some football games. In they came. first play from scrimmage they give it to eddie , all the way for a TD. Penalty Flag. Give it to him again. Same thing. Another penalty. One more time same thing and the refs gave up. Nothing in Atlanta could stop him. 22-9. Fight breaks out. My friend Clarence Young grabs two little white DB"s in the end zone and slams them together like two 2x4's. Everything in DF football changed that nite. Maybe all of Texas. The boys from the PVIL were taking good teams and making them great.

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