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Thanks to Everyone for 10 years Great Years of covering Panther Sports.......

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The Lufkin Panther Sports football site is changing hands after 10 years being operated by my son Derek and myself. Lee Miller of MSGPR will principally tke over the operation of the LPS site and will add a new look to the site very soon.

Thanks for 10 1/2 great and exciting years doing the LP site. My son and I together covered and witnessed a lot of awesome Lufkin Panther Football through those years. It was a blast. Memories we will never forget.

We will keep updating until the final transition is made in a few weeks and then maybe stay on as a moderator only.

Thanks to all the incredible Lufkin Panther Fans who helped make the site so special.

The future is bright for the Lufkin Panther Sports site that we started back in 2002.

Of course I won't be far away and still help to moderate the site for as long as Lee Miller will allow me to do so. Lufkin is going to be fun to watch in the coming years.  New leadership under Coach Todd Quick will be good for Lufkin.   John Outlaw set the standard here for what a winning program should be and Quick knew him better than any of us.  

Thnks again for all the support, the site would have been nothing without it's membership being a part.  Thank You Thank You. God Bless.

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There are a lot of unique things about LHS which includes a strong community support. Lufkin is not one of the fortunate schools to have the deep pockets, yet we always seem to be able to hold our own compared to other big schools. Be it academics, sports, or the arts, LHS always has a presense in the mix. We may not always be on top each and every time, but certainly seldom out of contention. I also think being a "community" rather than a "burb" also gives us the opportunity to share common interest which most certainly includes supporting our kids of Lufkin Schools of which many of us are Alums. It was this common interest and support which gave Randy and Derek the LP Sports idea and they followed through. No doubt this site has been and area of local interest, but we all know it has been just as interesting to others outside our area. IF there is another like it, I don't know, but I've yet to see it. Big thanks to both of them for taking their time to provide a "free to us" place to talk LHS. I know Lee and Gary have the abilty and passion to see LP Sports continue on. I know it's just a website, but for LP Fans, it's about all things LP!

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Thanks for all the kind words. It really was a labor of love for the Pack kids and fans for all those years. Our crowning moment you might say was when we were recognized in the October 6th, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated as one of the best high school team websites in the Nation. Quite an honor we never ever expected in our wildest dreams. However something we will always remember along with the awesome years watching John Outlaw and his kids be an elite force to reckoned with in 5A football.



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