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Important Forum Rules...Lufkin Panther Sports

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Forum rules:

The Lufkin Panther Sports website is representitive of Lufkin High School and the Lufkin Athletic department, This is a PG rated board.

The rules are simple, all offensive language, all offensive subjects or verbal attacks towards anyone will not be tolerated. All forum material deemed unacceptable will be deleted without explaination.

Anyone not abiding by the forum rules may be prevented from accessing the Panther site. This is a Lufkin Panther Sports site, you can debate, disagree or discuss any sports topic as long as it is done respectfully. The rules are simple, we all want to do this in the right way.

Please keep injury/health related discussions to a minimum if at all. That is in-house info that shouldn't be aired on a public boards.

Refrain from posting rumors about players/coaches/schools. That should also be restricted and limited info.

We are not going to allow argumentative discussions to stay on the board. Threads that deteriorate like that will be locked or deleted.

Nothing we discuss on here is worth getting into a full scale argument over. I realize everyone is passionate about their opinions, and that's great, but there's lines that should not be crossed.

We value the quality input we get from the huge majority of the posters on here and we want to respect and preserve those factors.

We just want this to be a fun sports message board for all Panther fans.

Thank You

LP Sports

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