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  1. You can't put it all on the coaching. We do not have the talent we once had.
  2. If we are going to make any noise, this should be the year we do it.
  3. Tomorrow evening at 6:30 the High School Baseball fall ball games start. Lufkin Purple vs. Lufkin Gold kicks off the season. Come out and support the Pack!
  4. No doubt the virus affects people in different ways. My 16 year old son got the virus on June 23rd. He still can not taste anything.
  5. It feels weird thinking we will be playing both Christmas eve and New Years eve. But we will be.
  6. Our pitching looked good, though it was against a weak hitting team. We hit the ball well as a team. It was a perfect afternoon for a ball game. Lp!
  7. Baseball team will be playing Tuesday at 7:00. Morris Frank.
  8. My son has had the virus. It has been over 3 weeks and he still has no taste.
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