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  1. well Lp football is not good Chad, but we are gonna get new lockerooms tho if we go 0-10 no matter what.and the other stands on its on,apparently we do not have an offense cordinator,i have counted 4 scores or more that have gone all the way,3 like 97 yarders ,and 1 or2 55+. just go to KETK.com and see for yourself.Lets blame that on covid or our POTUS.
  2. i do know one thing as i watch the game,we will have a new locker room,and #23 dad is over the alumini association.
  3. Its very embarrassing,now they spend 1 million on cyber technology.guess we can get the money from the 6th grade wing at middle school.remember folks who is on the school board,uh no one with the exception of Henderson that graduated at LHS!
  4. Saw today where school board has decided to take 1/3 of the fields away.Now thats what i call a lot of nerve.Here we take away already and built it halfa$$.But what do i expect from folks that come into town from somewhere else and run things.First class school is what we need,build it right.Cutting here and there might be good now,but it will come back in the long run to bite you.Dont cut on the Middle school either,which i think has already happen.We can have two administration buildings,new trucks for maintenance, raises,helpers for the teachers assistants,hire minorities t
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