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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/art-briles-resigns-mount-vernon-texas-high-school-baylor-------ual-assault-scandal-liberty-rumors-235011624.html, maybe he is looking for a job in a program around here. Regardless what people say about the man, doesn’t make it true. If that’s the case, coaches in Lufkin make illegal transactions with players. Like we are the Dallas Carter 88-89 cowboys. Passing players that’s too old to play HS ball, selling ------ and robbing people. Which is usually what you read in the Lufkin daily news” former Lufkin Panther standout arrested for.....” The culture has got to
  2. The new facility probably is going to be nice, but once again it came to good old boy system. How can a man win a bid when his wife is on the school board? Please forgive me if I let that cat out the bag!
  3. Did anybody notice how the running backs all ran hard, that’s in the coaching. When you see consistency in how the kids cover on defense & tackle, & catch. It all goes back to training. Basic fundamentals of football.
  4. Tonight was wet, not that cold, but definitely weather to catch SOMETHING. On another note... we really got Peter rolled. We didn’t put points on the board at all. It was all special teams tonight. I think the team lost confidence after the balls were dropped and we continued to use the same people on the same plays. I was looking for flack to be used more maybe in a 2 back setting. I think there were even some guys from JV that could have stepped up in this game. If anybody remembers... that’s how #2 Bug got his starting position . A good guy got hurt and it was next man up.
  5. I noticed that the running back tonight was wounded, so they decided to not change backs. Receivers could not catch tonight. They would have been on the sideline thinking about it. The twins could have contributed in on offense. LV linebackers left #14 open. There is lot that could be said about tonight’s horrible pay calling. But what’s understood don’t need to be explained. The sideline was cold, absolutely no fire burning!!!
  6. Lufkin is going to beat Longview.... somehow!! This is going to be the year to prevail late in the season. It will require wanting to win from the coaching staff by not saving any trick plays. You got to stack em up, use em and win. If you practice those scenarios, use em to get out front and make ground early. I’m calling it Lufkin by 7-10!!!! It will be an upset for the LOBOS this year. Here we go baby!!!
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