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  1. So glad too hear the great news of former Panther and coach Alton Dixon on becoming AD and head coach of Crockett . This is just a stepping stone in his career. I wish him all the success in the world. And the crowning affect would be him returning too Lufkin as the AD and HC...GOOD LUCK Alton
  2. "HAPPY NEW YEAR " wishing you all a blessed 2021, See you in August God willing
  3. Their Football program is a best avg or below. Multiple coaches over the years. But they have stellar programs in Engineering, Nursing and Agriculture and TSU is noted for their Pharmacy and Law School
  4. Longview was young at some of the skill positions, they will be better next year because they always seem too have a very good running back. But they will learned that chasing a championship after the first one is hard
  5. I sure would like too think that he can change, but I like you LPack I know about that school personally .....I graduated from there, be it a while ago. And too comment to PA ,those schools can't get the 5 star kids because they don't have the locker,weight rooms glamor like the bigger schools.
  6. I hope all those kids be successful at the next level, and with Moore signing with PV I really hope he can mature and keep an even keel. I know the culture of PV and it can be really tough too keep your head in the right place academically if you are not focused.
  7. Yeah we were, but one KM with that Longview o-line was a bridge too far for our defense....
  8. We could have had two Berry's and still could not have beat LV...
  9. Not well at all after seeing them today,there's a lot of 6A teams they could beat
  10. Well you can't argue with success , Carthage pouring on the points. Lets make a offer too their DC that he can't refuse 🤣🤣
  11. Watching Carthage and Gilmer and it's amazing how quickly Carthage defense adjust too what Gilmer was doing in the passing game. I sure hope the LP staff is watching,this and taking notes { they proberly out Christmas shopping} Carthage got off too a slow start but it's tied as of now. Carthage qb has missed the open man four times with over throws. I heard them say he hurt his knee last week, so I,m betting that it is affecting his throws
  12. It sure does, I had too stop watching. This was my first time seeing six man, and my last time.
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