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  1. Yep.....let them talk. if they know they can get to you, they'll continue to do it...
  2. Maxpreps isn’t always accurate, but it shows this will be the first time Lone Star has traveled away from the DFW this season. And first time they’ve traveled away from the DFW since 2015. When they had no choice but to travel to Houston for the state title game. A game they lost to Cedar Park. Must be nice not to have to travel..
  3. He's a dirty player, The team actually was very dirty.
  4. Not sure. Something i was told by players last night
  5. Yep, it’s not a small one. I told Chad he would more than likely miss the game next week.
  6. Home side wasn’t close to being full. It was like that kinda last year against Rockwall. But the fans showed up on the road.
  7. Can’t say, but he may be out for this one.
  8. He just confirmed it on Twitter. Like i said, they must’ve just flipped for it. It will be in Waco
  9. Now it is official. I guess they just flipped.
  10. Coach just said on Twitter that it hasn’t been decided yet.
  11. We are what we are at this point of the season. Talented in certain areas, undisciplined, solid with the potential to be very good on defense. Kewone doesn’t make the best decisions, but he’s a proven winner and he’s the best that we have “right now” at Qb imo. The playcalling doesn’t help him either. One of the most basic spread schemes in the state. But I’m Hoping some guys aren’t seriously injured...especially a few guys that went out on defense. Also hoping one backup player comes back to the team before the game next week. But on to next week.....just gotta enjoy the ride i guess.
  12. He was very dirty (Qb) and one of their players gave the Pack fans on the visitor side the finger. But the refs were also bad. Now our players have to be more disciplined, but some of those calls were bad by the refs. Mostly the one by the visitor sidelines.
  13. District went 3-1 like expected in the first round.