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  1. Glad you and the other individual recovered Book. Don’t understand the last part of your post. Everyone situation is different. Some people don’t go through much and make full recoveries like yourself. Others may have lasting effects to their health, such as heart damage after they’ve recovered. Also, some people of course die from it. Can’t compare every situation to your own.
  2. I don’t understand why people are surprised by this. I figured this would happened around may honestly for not just college but high school too. There are too many risks involved. The sec will try though of course.....just can’t see it right now
  3. Yep, don’t see this season happening or at least us playing every game (LSU and Lufkin). Unless something drastic happens of course over the next few months, just not expecting football this year at the high school and college level. The SEC will try of course.....but they can’t hold kids in a bubble like the nba is doing. Just can’t see it right now. Also how will the fan situation even work at the college level? You go from 70-100,000 to what half that? That’s still a lot of people in one area, even with masks.
  4. I just hope we’re able to finish the season. We have a talented offense returning and few key players i want to see on defense. Just not expecting it....honestly. Plus a lot of things may be different anyways. I wonder if we would even have bands in the stands. The atmosphere for a High school and college football game probably won’t even be the same until like 2021 or 2022. Hate it
  5. Quick lol. Other than the lobo game, every game at home the last few seasons (honestly several other seasons as well) was maybe 60% full to capacity. And I’m probably being nice saying that. I was shocked at the crowd for the playoff game..
  6. Ugh...I don’t want to go back and forth on this subject. This is a football forum. However, when people come on here saying stuff they don’t know anything about it rubs me the wrong way. The media isn’t always truthful and certain networks have been proven to be biased in regards to politics.......I think we all know this. That still doesn’t change the fact that this virus is very serious. If you have ever seen someone with it or have known someone that had died from it, you would know exactly how serious it is. Not sure who told you the Lufkin hospitals aren’t full, because the units with the covid patients at the one I’m familiar with are always full. Always. So that’s definitely not the case at that facility. I Think for myself and don’t just get my info from news outlets....or fb and some of these political nuts around town. I’ve seen how this stuff works and if the doctors i know and trust with several years of experience, including my sister tell me this is far worse than the flu....then that’s what i will believe. I don’t need a million people dying a day to tell me how bad this stuff is. I’ve seen it and i actually get info from credible people that have to deal with it every day. Everything isn’t fake news or just about politics. That’s all I’m saying.
  7. Sometimes it’s better to be fearful, especially when kids are involved. I understand what some are saying and i also want to see the pack play again this season, even with the bad taste that was left in my mouth from what happened at Abe last year. But I just don’t see it. At least not right now. Because nothing has really slowed down. I think we all miss sports and I really want to see my tigers defend our title. I also want to see Jordan in his senior season with Caleb on offense. Just can’t see that all happening right now.
  8. Exactly...I hate it, but I’m honestly not expecting the Pack to play this season. It doesn’t matter what Lufkin or other East Texas schools decide. Not even what the schools in the suburbs decide. If the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas superintendents decide to cancel their seasons, then the season is over. And that’s exactly what i see happening at some point, because it’s going to spread at some schools and we all know players/coaches will test positive for it. It’s already happening at colleges during their summer workouts. Of course it’s going to happen at the high school level. Like you said, it’s not just about the death rate. And I definitely don’t see this virus stuff going away anytime soon
  9. That’s why i really haven’t said much. Honestly not sure it’s going to be a season This year. If the virus spreads at a school during the summer workouts or...scrimmage....whatever, then boom. We’ll have to wait another few months more than likely or they will cancel the whole season. Which is why i thought it was a bad idea for the governor to rush the reopening of things. I understood financially why they were doing it, but common sense said things would get worse. Now they see it was a mistake or at least i hope they do. Just not expecting a full season....if any season at all this year. Hate it because we have a solid team and talented offense returning. As of right now though, it’s just not looking good for a full season. But....maybe I’m wrong. Some people seem to think this will just go away at some point. I don’t know....But definitely not expecting a full season. Too many risks to think about.
  10. Definitely. Kid was a beast. I went there to watch the Judson 8th grade group if i remember correctly against a pretty good Lufkin 8th grade team, but i was impressed with that kid and a few other players on the defense. Longview will always have some great running backs.....similar to us with receivers i guess.
  11. I drove by the school a few days ago to see it. It’s going to be something to see on Friday nights, especially if everything is true what you told me about before. Honestly can’t wait.
  12. Well....he’s now telling people to stay home. https://www.axios.com/texas-governor-coronavirus-cases-record-1248aa8d-da42-42ff-848f-c1184f77bb21.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=1100
  13. We really have some dummies running this state. Someone asked him earlier what he could do about people in the parks without mask not staying 6 ft away from others. He actually said that those people could be family members and family don’t have to distance themselves with other family members. I understand what he’s saying, but i know of a few people that have contracted the virus by being around grandkids or other family members. Some of y’all are looking at the percentages and not taking it as serious as you should. I’ve seen what this virus can do....And it definitely should be taken seriously.
  14. A lot of those deaths started in January of this year though.
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