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    Good post packattack the spring is to fill holes and get better ..

    were can i found video of the Westfield game
  3. Beginning of the 2018 season do yall think the Pack will be rank in the top 10
  4. Waller thats a long ride from Lukin . They stadium is nice
  5. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    The talk i heard is that we are staying south ,New Caney ,Porter, Caney Creek ,Willis ,Humble ,Kingwood Park , Montgomery
  6. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    I'm very proud of this year team they have brought the swagger back to Lufkin Football again ....
  7. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Lets go Pack ...Just by reading some of the blogs and forums across the state people really think that we don't have a chance against Longview .I guess they don't know we play good football in Lufkin too . so I hope our boys come out and play and shock the world again.
  8. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Westfield is a very undicipine team my crew officiate the game against Spring they should have lost that game if it wasnt for a pass interference that kept there drive alive ...Lufkin can compete with them and probably beat them. They have a nice DT thats good i think Quick and the staff will out coach them ...
  9. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Question will the Home Playoff game be played on a friday or Saturday just asking so i can plan ahead to take off from work
  10. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    My Take is that this team has potential to bounce back. But the QB has to get better or it will be one and done again .
  11. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Coach Quick is right i was at tge Katy and Woodlands game The Woodlands they are not the Team from last year and yhey are not big as they was the previous years we can run the ball on them Phillips can have a big game Katy rb had a field day on them ..they also will put the ball on the turf if Lufkin defense play aggressive and hit them hard we can win this game Overall i think Longview is the best team Lufkin has face this season so far ....
  12. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Our Panthers Got The Red Zone Game Ball Of The Week ........Lets Keep it going i think this Team is Going to be Pretty Good.Like John Outlaw Quote !!!!! Whoop the out of there and watch what happens.
  13. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    hey Pack Attack do ypu have some game with reggie Mcneal playing if so post them
  14. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    i think this will be a good game.
  15. Marshall Was a thorn to us back then the District was very good. You had Lufkin,Marshall,Nac,Pinetree,Longview, Tyler Lee,John Tyler,Texas High you had to bring it every Friday night.but with the sources we had back then I think we did pretty good under Pat Culpepper.