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  1. #5 looks like he has a small concussion
  2. Yall know Lufkin likes to travel they will show up in Waco
  3. The home side was full ...the visitors side wasn't...
  4. Well I will be there and I'm coming from Htown to cheer on my Alumni lets go Pack
  5. Pump the breaks one game at a time...were getting ahead of ourselves
  6. This kid is a Strait Savage on the football field a hit machine...
  7. Were can you watch the lonestar and colony game
  8. I really like this team, I believe we can win 6 more games they are a Hungry group of kids this year that Qantas to make history
  9. We are predicting too much to early one game at a time Waller is in the way next ...after Waller we can talk Playoffs...
  10. Lets us not talki about PLAYOFFS until that time come , one day a time. I prefer away games any way the PACK have been road killers.
  11. All Lufkin has to do is Play ball that's it...
  12. Yall got to understand that the teams in this District are not The Longview, The Woodlands, JT, BMW ....WE ARE LUFKIN... A different breed of football to physical...
  13. Football is not a perfect at all times .Every team Lufkin playa will give them there best game..
  14. Smallwood is ok I ask him after the game ....
  15. The refs were horrible.....