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  1. PackAdmin

    ABE Martin Stadium is 44 years old

    With better stadium facilities, we would be positioned to hold more events from larger playoff games to other sporting events to marching band contests. These events can bring in millions into the local economy. Maybe some economic development grants . . .
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  3. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    The Longview director resigned this week. Parents say he resigned due to one of his assistant directors being fired for a verbal altercation with a disrespectful student. I'm sure we'll hear more on that one later.
  4. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Scott Williams was from Longview also.
  5. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Our tests are showing that graphics load fine now.
  6. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Yep - I got an error message too when loading from my phone. I have submitted a support request -
  7. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    I'll see what we can do - still trying to figure out all of the system changes!
  8. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Should be able to drag the image into the post.
  9. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Image test!
  10. PackAdmin

    Update on Outlaw Film

  11. PackAdmin

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Hi Everybody, Hopefully we'll be doing a better job with LufkinPantherSports.com We have hired Josh Havard to take on the writing duties We can always use the help of all of our fans by sending us news and pictures!. Also, don't forget to support our advertisers by clicking the ads you see and supporting our supporters. With the added expense, more advertisers would be great! Pack Admin
  12. http://msgtelevision.com/waymon-o-bullock-tribute-service/ this is the link to the memorial service.
  13. Now you can join Sideliners using our new online form. Give it a try. Help support all our students at LHS. http://lufkinpanthersports.com/join-sideliners/
  14. Get the Lufkin Panther Sports App for your Android, Apple or Kindle device. Watch the MSG-TV produced games on your mobile device. Need an App for your business or organization, contact MSGPR's media team. 936-637-7593