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  1. they did wake up the second half,but this team was better then we thought.but we won the game. win works for me everytime. they have two other qbs better then thomas,
  2. Lufkin 7th grade beat nacdoches 24-7 and 8th grade won over Nacdoches 42-14.
  3. he onl missed 2. he made six.?
  4. I have already picked jordan moore last week to be our QB and got in trouble for saying it.?
  5. at least you like LSU COLORS. o by the way lufkin has always had gold and purple,or yellow.white is not one of the school colors. and also i post on here very little. if you don't like my negative thoughts tough ----t. Issaih phillips was the reason we won so much. have a good day.☺️
  6. I agree with chad, play your best qb. thomas is to slow. my opionion.☺️
  7. my wife and i will be there tonite. get em panthers.☺️
  8. fierce 1 3 wins championshup.
  9. thank you for this, this surely fts our times. Praise Jesus!✝️
  10. thanks pack 98. your're a blessing.☺️
  11. 20 year reunion, man your still young. my 60 year is coming up. where did all the years go.
  12. Am sorry am the way i am.Theres alot of things in my life i ont like,but its like my sweet wife says,dont worry about it,you cant change it.