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  1. Drove by the school today. The multipurpose facility is really going to look great where its at
  2. His post made it seem like he offered but they said thanks but no thanks
  3. I know Dez wasnt really happy with some in the school district. He went off in a facebook post about it the other day. Was frustrated about not being allowed to help out with their class reunion?
  4. Idk the specifics but there has to be a reason. I dont think companies would just turn down money making opportunities. In my experience with quoting jobs. The only way i wouldnt do the job is if it wasnt cost efficient for myself or if the customer had unrealistic expectations of what my services should be. Maybe the companies are just turning down money but judging by how other things are handled around here. I would put money on it being a “we want you to do this but” situation. Like i said idk the details just a guess based on our track record.
  5. I like that idea. Only difference i see with lobo and palestine is those stadiums are built into hills. So it makes the transition of building to football stadium a little less abrupt. That could work out for us though if you are wanting to put concessions and such but you will have a gap between the structures. Also how with this affect the future if we do decide to build a new stadium? Just some thoughts
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