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  1. Yep how do you not roll the safety over on that 4-11 with him in the game let someone else beat you not him. Sounds like last years playoff game just overall bad coaching and changes need to be made period. No one can sell this BS tonight. The kids played hard and they deserve better.
  2. 105 yards in penalties. How can we demand coaching changes? I did not expect them to win state but at least win the first game at home.
  3. Can’t believe we did those BS plays on the 4 yard line. Lineup and run at them 4 times if they stop them then so be it no need to get fancy. Coaching change is needed it’s time Lufkin will someone step up or will we accept this?
  4. Bad play calling and a overrated football team. It’s time to make changes period. Those final play calls what in the world was that? Also why did they not kick the FG earlier in the game and try the fake? We will see if anyone in Lufkin has the you know what to make the change it’s time. This team has no discipline.
  5. Loosing Polk will hurt. Less to worry about for the other teams D coordinator as you progress in the playoffs and play better teams. Wish him the best and get healthy for College. But loosing your 1,000 yard receiver is a big loss. Go Pack
  6. Sometimes you take the ugly win on the road and get home and that’s what they did tonight. It was a close game last year as well they just may be one of those teams regardless that plays the Pack hard. From the sound of it they need to work on new plays find more creative ways to get the ball out faster more screens, Jet Sweeps designed rollouts to move the pocket and find more ways to get more time. The have to do something otherwise it may be a short playoff run. Go Pack
  7. Nothing to really say this should always be that type of game with them. LV destroyed Marshall. Just like last year LP was the only real test for LV for the majority of the season. Just get ready for District and stay healthy. I would only play my JV against the Mexico team so glad they are stopping that farce of a game really does nothing for your team but injury potential. Go Pack
  8. The Pack let this game get away from them. Do we not have a FG kicker? They should have won this game. Have to work on the OL blocking. Go Pack
  9. Picking LP 31 LV 28. Close game but the Pack holds on. Go Pack
  10. Demond demas the #2 WR in the Nation and 16 overall was ruled ineligible from the UIL he will not play for Tomball this year. Go Pack
  11. Was a true honor to play for him and be apart of the team that started the Panther run of winning. He is truly missed. LP for life
  12. Pa, having looked at both I would say no but it does help help develop chemistry, work ethic and gives then something to do during the summer. 2. Don’t think you can have too much let’s then stay active during the summer.
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