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  1. PA, Major college Football is about to push to the fall it appears. If they do that then how can we safely expect High School Kids to play. I just think it’s not worth the risk especially a few players having issues and one athlete just had heart surgery due to the virus. It’s a hard sell if I was a parent of a high schooler to let my kid play during this time. I don’t think we need to live scared but we have to be smart at the same time and HS football has many unknowns at this time.
  2. PA, Yep this will tell us a lot. Some of the smaller schools I think will be ok. I hope the coaches are telling the kids to do their best at social distancing and no parties easier said than done but the kids will have to sacrifice some things in order to keep the season going other wise we’ll see y’all next year. I also think it’s food they require a doctor to clear the players before returning dame thing with concussions take it out of someone in the program and keep the kids best interest in mind. Go Pack
  3. PA, Lee is now called Legacy. Tyler Legacy red raiders. Looks like JT will be Tyler High. Go Pack
  4. PA, I understand but each day and with the MLB having issues I definitely do not think we will finish the football season it may start but we have thousands of players compared to MLB. I just don’t see it. All the colleges and pros are getting tested multiple times. I will not get my hopes up that we will finish a season at all. Go Pack
  5. PA, I think you are spot on and also not having the team from Mexico this year. I think the crowd size will be good and I think that all that want a seat will get a seat I don’t foresee any issues with trying to get tickets. Go Pack
  6. Tyler South is that what they are calling the old lee school until they find a name? Is JT Tyler North? Excited we will have football and hopefully we can finish the season and I pray all stay healthy and we kick this virus *ss.
  7. PA, Going to be a interesting year. I pray all goes well and the kids stay safe and we can finish this season. Go Pack
  8. PA, I would bet the season starts later and it goes straight to district games no pre-season or scrimmages not worth the extra risk. Similar or the same as TAPPS.
  9. PA, Yea getting to feel like it will not start on time or will not play all together. Can we just all sleep and wake up and 2020 be over with?
  10. Awesome way to go. If I am not mistaken the coach kine is from East Texas and coached. What better way to build your team fill them with Texans especially tough East Texans. Hawaii is beautiful only downside they play late and it’s a long plane ride. Best of luck young man.
  11. PA, That will work as well. I really hope more sports can play to help ease the minds of this world we are living in for a few hours at least.
  12. I imagine others will follow with designes maybe not in time for this year but next year unless we get a vaccine or it goes away. Like the idea and anything we can do to make things a bit safer I am all for and hopefully the schools can get them for a reasonable price.
  13. PA, https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29454756/nfl-unveils-oakley-mouth-shield-combat-coronavirus A bit of protection not sure of the high schools can get them or afford them.
  14. Each day I wake up and wish this virus would disappear like the Spanish flu. I think LP will be really good this year if they get to play. Go Pack
  15. Just read junior colleges will play in the spring as well. The ACC, Pac-12 will also join the Big 10 and play conference only. I imagine all colleges will do that and Notre Dame who plays 6 ACC games will play in the ACC completely this year. Going to be interesting year. I even foresee if it continues no college bowl season most the semi finals and championship. We shall see.
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