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  1. Sometimes you take the ugly win on the road and get home and that’s what they did tonight. It was a close game last year as well they just may be one of those teams regardless that plays the Pack hard. From the sound of it they need to work on new plays find more creative ways to get the ball out faster more screens, Jet Sweeps designed rollouts to move the pocket and find more ways to get more time. The have to do something otherwise it may be a short playoff run. Go Pack
  2. Nothing to really say this should always be that type of game with them. LV destroyed Marshall. Just like last year LP was the only real test for LV for the majority of the season. Just get ready for District and stay healthy. I would only play my JV against the Mexico team so glad they are stopping that farce of a game really does nothing for your team but injury potential. Go Pack
  3. The Pack let this game get away from them. Do we not have a FG kicker? They should have won this game. Have to work on the OL blocking. Go Pack
  4. Picking LP 31 LV 28. Close game but the Pack holds on. Go Pack
  5. Demond demas the #2 WR in the Nation and 16 overall was ruled ineligible from the UIL he will not play for Tomball this year. Go Pack
  6. Was a true honor to play for him and be apart of the team that started the Panther run of winning. He is truly missed. LP for life
  7. Pa, having looked at both I would say no but it does help help develop chemistry, work ethic and gives then something to do during the summer. 2. Don’t think you can have too much let’s then stay active during the summer.
  8. Really sit back and think man Lufkin has had some great players in its history. My all time favorite is still Mann’s as a kid going to the games nothing like that and watching him play. He was a stud and had a great college careers one of the best all times to be exact. Also sad in a way we can name great players who should be playing in the league or played for years and for what ever reason did not happen for the vast majority. But the ones that did make it has always came back to Lufkin and helped out. Maybe PA can chime in on Ken Houston and those players he is in the NFL hall of fame so maybe the best to ever play in Lufkin period? Regardless if it was Dunbar or not. My grandfather always told me stories about Ken and those teams being amazing.
  9. I may be bias having played 97-99 Panther teams. But Sparky was amazing size, speed and great hands he destroyed Plano East in Cowboy stadium. I look at the Offense we ran I formation for the most part and having Brian Bradford at QB and still had many Lufkin records until Dez and the others came alone. Given the QB and the offense Sparky killed it. Put him in the spread offense with some of the better QB’s I take him over anyone except Dez. My top 3. 1. Dez can’t argue that. 2. Sparky 3. Holman. Growing up and watching the Pack I loved Reeves at WR he was a beast in the mid 90’s with carter at QB he could do it all. Not sure how many on the board actually remember Sparky and Reeves and tons of others on how good they really were with the style of offense. I think offense today make players better and we can debate that all day and never agree or disagree.
  10. Thanks PA for the articles and write up. Can’t wait to see it when finished.
  11. Think that is smart look for the best DC you can get after spring and during the summer. If that is Gamble at the end of the day then so be it. Love coach Guzman great person and coach and has been around for a long time. Big L IMO if he is not coaching the RB if true. Go Pack
  12. TE can be a big weapon that we have not used for years.
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