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  1. They came to play tonight. They could have scored 50 something. Go Pack
  2. http://www.yatesmedia.com/ then click on the globe it worked last time.
  3. My thought you schedule 2 hard games to prepare you and then 1 game for others to get some work but not like the team for Mexico not that soft. Some team in the middle.
  4. Watched some of the videos. Man we need to play another team from Texas or someplace else this is pathetic like watching pop warner football. At this level to get better you should be playing teams that will test you a bit not have family night and put own a spectacle for the fans. Just my opinion I rather the starters rest and not take any chances of getting hurt especially the last minute change of teams. Go Pack
  5. Well 35-7 time for bed it’s 5 In the morning here in Bahrain. Go Pack
  6. Ahh ok about Williams hopefully it all gets worked out and he is back. Once all the players get back this team will be even more dangerous that QB is a baller and had a bright future. Like what was said earlier this game means nothing in the big picture still plenty if ball left and both teams will go far that is one thing I am sure about. Now time to get ready for Nac. GO PANTHERS
  7. Well it’s game 1 and costley mistakes hurt in the end can’t do that against a good team. Still a bright season ahead. Can’t win state with the first game if the season.
  8. Same as last year last second TD long passes got to be kidding me. That Fumble after he had the first hurt but what can you say. Great game impressive play by the Soph more QB. Go Panthers
  9. PA, heard that Carl Williams is not playing what is going on with that?
  10. Big time score before the half on the fake FG. But you still have to put it in from the 1. Go Panthers
  11. Got to score on the turnovers they gave us excellent field position
  12. GAME DAY!!!! Can’t wait. Like my good friend Matt would always say it’s Slap a Lobo time. Go Panthers
  13. Man fired up for this one can’t wait. Go Panthers