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    Tomball 7-3 College Station 14-2 Magnolia West 9-2 Caney Creek 2-7 Lufkin 11-3 Willis 2-7 Magnolia 5-5 Waller 1-9 last years records.

    Besides College Station the district is weak. Just checked out all the records from last year.

    Lufkin should do well in this district. College Station IMO is the team that will also be strong. But with Lufkin returning some good players should be a good season. Also Lufkin has 2 players so far this year on the rivals too 100 for Texas in Garcia at 58 and the DT at 54
  4. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Glad to see Isaiah P. Committed to ULM. Monroe nice small country town. Best of luck to him and the others. GO PACK!!
  5. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Merry Christmas Panther Family . God bless and have a Happy and blessed New Year.
  6. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Any updates on any Panthers signing during the early signing period? Also what about Isaiah? Merry Christmas to all and God Bless your families and health this new Year.
  7. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Yes all these schools if his grades are good he definitely deserves a D-1 scholarship no doubt. Hopefully they are sending his tape east and West and let him decide an education is an education. He is was a thrill to listen to and watch like I read on FB he had a little Denvis Mann’s in him.
  8. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    What schools are looking at Isaiah? I tried to check rivals for his name but had no luck. He is a D1 back no doubt in my mind he can ball at some college.
  9. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Man that was heartbreaking. Proud of the team and my City and School. Go Pack!!! Time for bed now it’s 2am here in Bahrain.
  10. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Ready for the game here in Bahrain. Big Nasty on the radio and the game on line. Go Pack!!!! As my late friend and teammate said. It’s time to Slap a Lobo!!! (RIP Matt) enjoy the game from the seats in the sky.
  11. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Heck yea way to go Pack they tried to give us all heart attack’s at the end. Time for bed here in Bahrain 1:02 in the morning and the Pack wins!!!! GO PACK
  12. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Calling it Lufkin in OT!! Go Pack!!!
  13. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Great win. Next game next Saturday at 1:30 in New Caney. Texan Drive Stadium. Go Pack
  14. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Told ya 28-10 big 2nd half was coming. They just had to settle down. Go Pack!! May get to sleep early here in Bahrain it’s 0115 here.
  15. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Big second half coming up. Go Pack