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  1. PA, get refreshed and we will all be back next season. Merry Christmas. Go Pack
  2. pack98

    Update on Outlaw Film

    Awesome can't wait to see it. Go Pack
  3. pack98

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    And the adult who did this are no longer at the school. I can almost guarantee if this is Katy it's getting swept up.
  4. pack98

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    We should be accountable, Pa is saying just put your name on it. We have become a world of sissies and I have defended this country for the past 15 years of my life and will continue for another 5 and some days it makes me sad on the direction our country has become.
  5. pack98

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Yep PA, heard it was 5 or 6 schools who ever did it is a POS with no #alls to put his name on it. All they are going to do is hurt the kids.
  6. pack98

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Crazy man. So does the baseball/softball team still get to play the UIL has to do something soon? No matter what the Soccer team will be the champs and it's sad that the kids could get punished for this. Like how when players leave colleges and the players that are there years later get punished.
  7. pack98

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    What will happen? Can the soccer title be void? And the team wins? Crazy situation but I do think it was a mistake.
  8. pack98

    Update on Outlaw Film

    Hope I can see it on DVD or some pay site that I can log in and pay to watch it. I know there are many others like me that are not in Texas due to work that could not make it in to watch it. Go Pack
  9. Yes my grandfather got mad even if he heard the name carter they also had Jessie armstead carter did. Was TJ turner on the 88 team? That Lufkin teams was good that's for sure
  10. Well can't speak on the former coach I was a kid and heck my brother was not even born yet so don't know how he would know lol. But any way he did finish with a 49-29-7 record while at Lufkin from 84-91 I think 2 playoffs team and the 88 team was one of the best ever and I was at the 88 game with my grandfather when Carter beat the Pack and if it was not for that buzz saw of a cheating team who knows what may have happen that year? Can't speak on what he did or did not do but that's. It a bad record and I do believe at that time only 1 team made the playoffs?
  11. Nice . Got my tickets thanks to the Navy and of course I live in Nola get to jere the Pack maybe some strivin
  12. pack98

    Scrap Bookin' G-Maw

    Prayers For you and your family.
  13. pack98

    Found 1994 Lufkin vs Consolidated

    The QB for the pack is Carter. His dad is the one who did my ACL surgery he is or was the Lufkin doctor
  14. pack98

    Found 1994 Lufkin vs Consolidated

    Bro, I was at the Conroe game that season and most of the Panther games. I was at Junior High East and we watched all the games together over at the Visitor Side. Manns was a beast. Bit of Trivia for you and I remember saying this at the game that the Conroe RB would be in the NFL. His name was Rock Cartwright he later played and started in the NFL for the Redskins for a few years. Lufkin also had a great WR Cody Reves I believe?? He was a good WR for the Pack
  15. pack98

    Lufkin Dunbar ?

    Thanks PA for the History great to read. I know Ken Houston played for Dunbar and he is in the NFL hall of fame. I went to Dunbar then Junior High East so it was cool going to the school and in the Gym seeing the Tropheys from when they played. Great History lesson you helped teach us. Coach Mathis talked about it also and Coach Simmons.