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    Lufkin Panther Sports

    According to the report last night from the TV, UIL has not decided whether they will even meet about this. SO.................... Did anyone realize spring practice started yesterday?
  2. LHS 78

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Big "if" On the other hand, what "if" they are not directly receiving state funds for them, but yet LHS is now instructed to count them even though they are not UIL elligable ? If you've been doing something that is considered right in the past, but because now you are ask to do it another way, does this automatically make you wrong? Let's be sensible and leave out the sensationalism. If UIL says now you have to count these non UIL eligible students, then do it and go forward. The only reason this makes any difference is because we float on the dividing line year after year for classification. Otherwise, it's just a policy issue and changes with the weather these days on just about any issue!
  3. LHS 78

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    I think with this statement you have to take it in the moment it was said. Most times editing leaves out context to support any statement. As I hear it: there is not a coach out there in any sport that doesn't approach every game to win. That should go without question, but, at the end of the day what's more important, giving a high school kid the tools to be successful in the future, or being able to live in the past. If all the program is there for is to win games and nothing else, then we are failures on a grander scale. Not every athlete has the tools to make it to a college team. It's not rocket surgery to know the odds of even 4 year college athlete to make it to the pro level is not any better, so in the end, what will the other 99.9% of the other players on the team get from it? Hopefully the students are lucky enough to have teachers/coaches who instill work ethic and prepare them for other life endeavors. Do your best and have fun doing it when you're in High School, but realize that for most while living in that moment you are preparing for the future. That's it what i take from a statement such as this!
  4. LHS 78

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Just for clarification, There is talk about Williams retiring at the end of the school year. All is normal for now as they prepare to go to UIL Concert Contest next week in Whitehouse. I understand the process of a replacement is in the VERY early stages with the postings so you can cease with the rumors. The Panther Band has a rich tradition of being one the most outstanding military marching bands around. With a program like this, I'm confident the Lufkin Administrators will find the very best fit for our program. The Lufkin Band doesn't rebuild, they don't even reload, they just keep going with who they are and what they do. I'm confident the LP Band is and will be in good hands.
  5. No doubt this is an opportunity for the kids to experience something special. Just this weekend during Mr Bullock's service, they were still talking about the 1977 Cotton Bowl trip with the LP Band, Lobo Band, and Jacksonville Band doing a combined drill for pre-game and halftime. A trip I will never forget and I know this Sugar Bowl trip will be just as special. Even though my youngest child is graduating this year, my wife mentioned we need to adopt an 8th grade band student so we could have 4 more years of band!
  6. There are a lot of unique things about LHS which includes a strong community support. Lufkin is not one of the fortunate schools to have the deep pockets, yet we always seem to be able to hold our own compared to other big schools. Be it academics, sports, or the arts, LHS always has a presense in the mix. We may not always be on top each and every time, but certainly seldom out of contention. I also think being a "community" rather than a "burb" also gives us the opportunity to share common interest which most certainly includes supporting our kids of Lufkin Schools of which many of us are Alums. It was this common interest and support which gave Randy and Derek the LP Sports idea and they followed through. No doubt this site has been and area of local interest, but we all know it has been just as interesting to others outside our area. IF there is another like it, I don't know, but I've yet to see it. Big thanks to both of them for taking their time to provide a "free to us" place to talk LHS. I know Lee and Gary have the abilty and passion to see LP Sports continue on. I know it's just a website, but for LP Fans, it's about all things LP!
  7. LHS 78

    Panther Drive In Theater

    Before it was the Luau, it was my Dad's place. He first had a chicken place there in the early 60's before it caught fire and burned. He rebuilt it as a little grocery store (main dinning room) and later added a little hamburger place (where the kitchen part is). Out back there was a little studio apartment and a beauty shop. As a kid I would walk over to the Panther Drive-In and play on the swing sets in front of the screen. I had to be around 6 or 7 at the time. Shortly after Dad bought the Top Burger on Timberland along with the Ice Berg on Chesnut which had the Icee Fizz. Coldest thing you ever put in your mouth. He also had the Top Burger on Raquet and then later Fuller's. The What-a-burger and Burger Chef (where Chins is now) was the first major food chain to go in Lufkin. Not long after Sonic came and then McDonalds in the mid to late 70's. Speaking of eating places, I remember my family going to the Angelina Hotel to eat lunch after church every Sunday. Now Lufkin seems to be the chain eating capital!