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  1. The 50% percent rule should not be a problem for Lufkin, the stands have been half full or empty the last couple of yrs anyway...
  2. We all that's going on ,I think we just need too keep any political opinion too ourselves. I don't know how many here have Med Degrees ...mind is not so I tend too leave it too the experts. This is a football forum and I would love too see football this fall but I don't think I will be coming too Abe, I will listen too big Nasty this year....But what I do read is this is nothing like the flu because of the lasting effects yet too be determinded from covid-19. We see enough politics on tv,so lets leave it there.
  3. I noticed you interjected a political phase ....liberal leaning areas, conservatives and liberals play sports ....right. This should be all about the safety of the kids., nothing more I think
  4. I was unaware of a pond on LISD property , so what will become of it.? Will they make it a attractive area like the pond at SFA, that would be awesome in my opinoin
  5. It was really sad too hear that a former Panther lost his life too violence in Tyler. As I watched the news and heard his name I was sadden. Prayers going out too his family
  6. This is the last response too you about this . First you don,t know me , so you should not assume my thoughts or my faith. Second I never said anything about my church wanting praise ,and I never said I had a problem with what Dez does in Dallas. I have lots of ties in Dalllas and am up there quite often and well aware of what he has done in DFW area. I was taught and I hope that you were as well that when someone does something for you a simple "thanks " is appropriate. That is what we should teach our children. ….Purple Nation you have a good one 😉
  7. I think you don't understand what I said.....I did not say praise, I said "thanks" gosh you are judging me and you don't ever know me. It's not about what he does or did in Dallas. Lane did something ever year for Lufkin kids after his playing days were over. But it understandable when people start talking about things they don' t have a clue about what went on....man I,m praying for you
  8. Absolutely , nothing more than a show off, his prime playing days are long gone. I know first hand of the things our church did for him when he was in school here. He never came back too just say thanks.....
  9. Man you said a mouth full, that's the major problem with this program
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