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  1. I agree with Chad and 007, these kids have too not get caught up in all the smack talking and stupid penalties. Playing smarter will get them a little farther along the road to the championship
  2. Yes he was pissed ,when they started hitting him. Lufkin,s defense should come out hard in the first quarter and get after these QBs....I would send somebody every play,the way that LA West Monroe did us a few yrs ago....that gets in most High school qb,s head after you tune them up a bit😁 And coach should have had them ready for that onside kick, everybody from Lufkin knew it was coming
  3. Naw it wasn,t full from where I was on the visitor side ,there were lots of seats
  4. So it,s Waco ?? Something else I have noticed that our fans have dropped off at home games. I expected a full house last night but it was not.....what,s happen ?
  5. Lufkin defense seems most effective when they put pressure on the QB early. They did not do that until the second half. When they covered the tight end the QB had no open guys thus the sacks started too get too him and he was not happy at all. Refs call a terrible game, McKinney was holding ,kicking and chop blocking all night and just plain dirty playing. Coaching is going too have too get better ,and quit calling play Thomas can,t make, because he,s going too hurt them with bad decision and late throws. McKinney threw all the bait in their tackle box at the secondary in the first half, jigs, top water, crank bait and Lufkin was biting at all of it. Offense still showing bad decision making in the red zone, they have too get that clean up.
  6. Oh no....so it,s not going too be in Tyler
  7. Guys I posted a statement many pages back, that if the Pack don,t play with more discipline ,we would right here in Nov talking about what if !! We will be in trouble if we don,t make better decisions on offensive. If we don,t have some serious concerns we had better.There are some weakness in the defense and it has been showing up in a lot of games. When they play a team with a good D they might be in trouble. Some of those plays Green called were like WTH are you thinking MN qb was a dirty player and never got a flag for the kicks on our guys.Lufkin can,t win out, without playing four quarters of ball period
  8. My thoughts 100 % ,we don,t need too be talking about the second game,have too win the first one,anything can happen
  9. PA ,this has nothing too do with football, but start taking a daily Ester- C 500 mg. Been taking this for three yrs and not a cold ,cough are anything, and I was prone too those all the time. This is a immune support tablet
  10. I think everyone was fired up about the play of the Pack defense last night,because we know that they are good, but Caney Creek was just a subpar team ,that was so over matched. There was no chance in them having any success . We won,t see any real good action{ in my opinion} until the second round of the playoffs
  11. So is the play-off team that we will be playing any clearer with one game left for all teams ?