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    Famous Alumni from Lufkin

    Here is link to wikipedia where I found it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lufkin_High_S...#Notable_alumni Check out what it says now about a certain poster on here! Did not know you could do that on wikipedia
  2. panther-79

    Famous Alumni from Lufkin

    PackAttack I copied and pasted what I put on here. I was just stateing I did not believe the ones you deleted. However it was on the Wikipedia site. Maybe somebody from the LISD adm. needs to get that corrected.
  3. Saw this on Wikipedia Notable alumni Bradford, Amy - Softball pitcher for the University of Texas Bradford, Brad - Punter for the University of Texas Hadnot, Rex - Left Guard for the Miami Dolphins Kiel, Terrance - Safety for Texas A&M university and San Diego chargers McNeal, Reginal - Quarterback for Texas A&M then WR for the Cincinnati Bengals(released) Mullbach, Don - Center for the Detroit lions EDIT EDIT Now is this for real?