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  1. Coach Quick tweeted that this had not been confirmed ( the game in Waco)
  2. Hey P.A., could you post a "playoff roster"? I know we usually add kids from JV to dress/play in the play-offs so it would be nice to have the new names and numbers! Thanks, GO PACK!
  3. pantherproud

    Lady Panther Volleyball

    Just a bit of upadted information regarding playoffs. If we win Friday we will play Royse City @ Tyler Lee Tuesday @ 6pm. If we lose Friday we will play Lindale in Jacksonville (Lon Morris College) 6pm!
  4. pantherproud

    Lady Panther Volleyball

    Well, Lady Panthers had a chance to clinch 2nd place in district 16-5A with a win against Whitehouse last night, but were unable to pull out the win on the road. Whitehouse took the match 3 sets to 1. Both teams ended district play with 11-3 records. Hallsville took 1st with a record of 14-0. This sets up a playoff for 2nd and 3rd place in Jacksonville Friday @ 5pm v. Whitehouse. The match will be played at Lon Morris College. But regardless of the outcome of this match, the Lady Panthers will be in the play-offs. They will play Tuesday October 30 at Tyler Lee Gymnasium; opponent to be determined. It will be either the 2nd or 3rd place team from District 15-5A.
  5. # 9 is Breylon Garcia I believe!
  6. pantherproud

    Lady Panther Volleyball

    Just an update on LHS volleyball. Friday night we finished the first round of district by beating Whitehouse in 3 straight sets and that gave us a 6-1 record, putting us in 2nd place in District play. This week the girls travel over to Nac on Tuesday and then to Pinetree on Saturday (due to Homecoming festivities on Friday night!) They will be back at home on Tuesday Oct 9 to play John Tyler. Great job ladies.
  7. Well, I don't know for sure what the overall record for the Lady Panther VB team is, but I do know that their record in district 16-5A play is 5-0! They have defeated Nacogdoches, Pine Tree, John Tyler, Marshall, and tonight they beat Jacksonville. Next week is a BIG week for determining who has the upper hand for 1st place as Hallsville (5-0) come to Panther Gym Tuesday night and Whitehouse (4-1, only loss to Hallsville) visits on Friday. Game time Tuesday is 6 p.m. (JV at 5) and then on Friday the Varsity game will be at 4:30 followed by JV at 5:30. Come on out and support these ladies! They are working hard and playing great!!
  8. Chad, this worked for me. Go to www.yatesmedia.com hit enter and this narrow gray bar with an arrow on it comes up! click on the arrow and the game comes on... not sure how I did it or if that is even how it really works, but I bookmarked it and checked it and it worked. Good luck Go Pack ALWAYS, pantherproud
  9. Who played QB? for JV/Varsity?
  10. P.A. You only left out one thing!! Longview Alumni as an official AND even better the PA announcer actually announces it?
  11. I felt like when I posted McKinner's name with those other 3 it wasn't the right guy! So who was the 4th guy on that awesome line? My mind is blank... I do think this year's d line have the guys to be that good and would love it if they were... Just wanted your opinion, thanks and please fill me in on the other d lineman in 01?
  12. Hey P.A, So you really think this year's D-line is best ever? Better than the one we had in 2001? Ju Parks, Chris Dove, Jack Reggie and Mckinner Dixon if I remember correctly. Just asking... Cause if this year is better than those 4 we will have a heck of a defense? Just wondering!
  13. Well, I don't have any experience with blueprints like you do, but I am thinking this plan of yours (at least from my limited knowledge) sounds GREAT! I am sure there are people out there who know more than I do who could ask more questions and throw this idea around..... just MHO!