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  1. pantherproud


    P.A. You only left out one thing!! Longview Alumni as an official AND even better the PA announcer actually announces it🤣
  2. pantherproud


    I felt like when I posted McKinner's name with those other 3 it wasn't the right guy! So who was the 4th guy on that awesome line? My mind is blank... I do think this year's d line have the guys to be that good and would love it if they were... Just wanted your opinion, thanks and please fill me in on the other d lineman in 01😆
  3. pantherproud


    Hey P.A, So you really think this year's D-line is best ever? Better than the one we had in 2001? Ju Parks, Chris Dove, Jack Reggie and Mckinner Dixon if I remember correctly. Just asking... Cause if this year is better than those 4 we will have a heck of a defense😀 Just wondering!
  4. pantherproud


    Good post, P.A.
  5. Well, I don't have any experience with blueprints like you do, but I am thinking this plan of yours (at least from my limited knowledge) sounds GREAT! I am sure there are people out there who know more than I do who could ask more questions and throw this idea around..... just MHO!
  6. pantherproud


    OK! Forgive me, but I thought this would be the place Most people would see it and it is pretty exciting that the LHS Accounting team won the 6A STATE championship this weekend! Led by Sr, Kyle Wynne who had a perfect score the Panther Accounting team's score was the highest across ALL 6 conferences! Other team members were Michael Calhoun, Reece Durbin and Joshua Simmons! Coach Janice Holcomb had previously had 3 Silver Medal teams, but this year finished out our 2 years in 6A with a GOLD! GO PANTHERS~
  7. Completely agree with PA!!
  8. pantherproud


    Lady Pack ties for first in district with Oak Ridge. But because we lost the flip we will go into the play-off as the #2 seed. First round game will be against Tyler Lee.Monday February 12. 6 p.m. @ Cushing High School.
  9. pantherproud


    Still trying to get used to football having its own district and all others in another district. So help me out here. Will the top 4 teams in our district play top 4 in 7-5A 1 v 4 2 v 3
  10. Hey PA, was wondering if you had info on # of tackles in a game. I thought Michael Kingsley held the record in the game against Georgetown in 1998! But I don't know if it still stands and how many he had! Can you help me out? Thanks, Pantherproud
  11. pantherproud

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    actually, spring practice starts today! But I am in agreement with PA... no one did anything on purpose. And the AD has nothing to do with it. It is strictly up to the Administration to make sure #'s are correct and sign off on them. It seems at one point back in time UIL had told us we did NOT have to count those kids at state school and Stubblefield. Then they changed that... we were in a transistion from one superintendent to another... things just fell through the crack, IMHO.... bottom line, WE SHOULD know the rule and make sure we are following it. Seems we did get it right this past year... but only after we had turned in a lower # and then corrected it in time to "stay out of trouble." What hurts me the most is even people from Lufkin think right off we were trying to cheat. I just don't believe that. Really hoping UIL sees it as a mistake. People do make mistakes....
  12. pantherproud

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Lady Panthers 24-2 over J'ville last night and Panthers 5-1 over Nac! Softball will go to Nac Tuesday and Baseball will be HOME v. Whitehouse. Girls @ 6 Boys @ 7 Reminder: Varsity District Track Meet Wednesday & Thursday this week @ the ABE!
  13. pantherproud

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    This week Varsity Baseball plays @J'ville Tuesday 7:00 and @ Nac Friday-7;00 Softball is at home both Tu and Friday v. Corsicana and J'ville 4:30 and 6:00 Varsity Tennis district tournament in J'ville Thursday and Friday FrB/JVB/JVG District Track Meet @ Abe Wednesday LMS boys and girls district track meet in Lindale Friday
  14. pantherproud

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    Okay Chad, I do know that we are hosting the District Track Meet for FrB/JVB/JVG Wednesday April 6 @ Abe Martin and then the District Track Varsity B & G Meet Wed-Thurs April 13 & 14 @ Abe Martin Don't know times but I am sure you could call Athletic office and get some info. Or if I can find out I will post. Baseball & Softball both play at home Friday v. Corsicana & Lindale Baseball @ 7 Softball @ 4;30 and 6 hope this helps!! If someone could tell me how to single space my posts I would really appreciate it
  15. pantherproud

    Update on Outlaw Film

    What Chad said!!!