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  1. You say this every single year, and yet every single year you post weekly and sometimes daily posts about Longview going forward. It's the off season. We talk about a lot of things during the off season. When we haven't played a game yet this season, of course we're going to talk about the past. That's all there is to talk about. Not a single person ever said "if it wasn't raining we would've won last season." But just as you continue to talk about the game against us last season coming down to just special teams, we also have things to talk about from our game with Midway that we believe should've ended differently. Lufkin has all of our respect. The players, the coaches, the band. The respect is there. Most fans have our respect too. But you and some other Lufkin fans never will believe that for whatever reason. And as I said last November, anything that I say on these forums I will say right to your face. I offered last year and you ignored it. So I'll offer it again. I've never once turned down meeting someone from Smoaky or 6A or any other message board to be fair. My entire Lobo family that I sit with is from meeting on these boards. One of my best friends is Mavchamp who I met from Smoaky. I've met numerous other team's fans from other boards as well, including 007. But to say you don't care about anything Lobo, despite constantly posting about us on these boards. All summer long. All year long. It's just a complete joke you say you don't care about us when we even had a long discussion on these boards LAST YEAR about how you coming over to our 6A boards and complaining on these boards about what we're talking about over there. That literally was a year ago. And you did the same thing all fall last year. Last spring this year. All summer this year. It's a joke honestly how much you act like you are so indifferent to us. Is what it is. You're an interesting man that's for sure. Have nothing but respect for Lufkin. Some of your posters, well that's a different story. But end of the day, I know we won't be talking about Lufkin come the end of September into October...while I'm almost positive you'll be posting weekly updates on how our games are going on here...especially if we were to lose one.
  2. If you're going to post (and you weren't the only one) a prediction from a message board, you might want to at least do it closer to game time And 7 on 7 means absolutely nothing, especially when our entire secondary wasn't there. My prediction is simple - 1) You don't just replace Philips like you're trying to say you're going to. 2) Our D Line will be an absolute monster this upcoming season. You can preach about us only returning "3" on defense all you want, but a lot of our guys got playing time last year and will not be new to Friday night lights. 3) Special teams will be in Longview's favor once again IMO, especially with missed kicked Kessler gone. No one, no one, is saying our offense is unstoppable. Will it be very good this fall? Undoubtedly. We return everyone basically, and we finally healthy. We have more than enough reason to be optimistic. I know nothing I say really means much, especially to you, but just a little break down of my prediction.
  3. Kickoff time pushed back to 8:38 at the earliest with the game confirmed to be shown live on FSSW.
  4. lol no idea why I typed John Quick. My bad.
  5. Just Homer Bryce and Abe Martin. King is 10-7 overall as a HC against Lufkin. - 6-0 at Lobo - 1-6 at Abe Martin - 1-1 at Homer Bryce - 2-0 at Rose As 007 said, King was an OC when the Lufkin streak was underway. Was 0-7 as an OC (3 at Lobo, 3 at Abe, 1 at Rose). Flip side, John Quick is 2-7 against Longview as head coach.
  6. Good thing you said that. Didn't realize that. Might have to change my hotel room to Friday night instead of Thursday night now.
  7. Man alive. Hope those kids can stay cool. That is a horrible time for a 7 on 7 tournament to start. Hope all the fans going can stay safely cool as well.
  8. PT's new stadium will be in it's fifth year next year. We played in their first homecoming game there back in 2014. You might think it's better than Lobo Stadium, but that place is a wreck getting in and out of on game days (been on the away side twice and the home side once). No wind can get through there what so ever. That Longview/Pine Tree game was one of the hottest game I've ever attended and simply because the air was so stagnant. It's a pretty looking place and miles ahead of their old place (but a cow pasture would be better than their place), but meh.
  9. Just beware when looking at certain things like this that a lot of these lists don't research enough to know some things...like Tyler having to forfeit it's entire 1935 season (which I've barely seen correctly noted in most TXHSFB history list/books).
  10. 2012 - 522-381 2013 - 363-325
  11. *Double post for some reason*
  12. Just to point this out...this is incorrect. Third round is the first round you could play a district opponent. Region II bracket will look like... 5 #1 vs 6 #4 8 #2 vs 7 #3 6 #1 vs 5 #4 7 #2 vs 8 #3 7 #1 vs 8 #4 6 #2 vs 5 #3 8 #1 vs 7 #4 5 #2 vs 6 #3 So a College Station/Lufkin game will probably decide if you see Lone Star (imo the best Frisco team) in the 2nd round followed up by Highland Park (who no doubt will get top spot in that district of theirs) in the 3rd round.
  13. LoboFan07

    2001 Season

    John David Booty. He was a junior that year. They lost to West Monroe in the regular season before going on to defeat them for State later in the year. They had a fantastic team back then.
  14. LoboFan07

    Lufkin Panther Sports

    http://www.kltv.com/story/31795466/lufkin-isd-confirms-turning-in-faulty-numbers-to-uil Why y'all gotta cheat? hahaha
  15. Probably the freshmen squad. Local college freshmen teams played the high schools all the time back in those days.