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    Just beware when looking at certain things like this that a lot of these lists don't research enough to know some things...like Tyler having to forfeit it's entire 1935 season (which I've barely seen correctly noted in most TXHSFB history list/books).

    2012 - 522-381 2013 - 363-325

    *Double post for some reason*

    Just to point this out...this is incorrect. Third round is the first round you could play a district opponent. Region II bracket will look like... 5 #1 vs 6 #4 8 #2 vs 7 #3 6 #1 vs 5 #4 7 #2 vs 8 #3 7 #1 vs 8 #4 6 #2 vs 5 #3 8 #1 vs 7 #4 5 #2 vs 6 #3 So a College Station/Lufkin game will probably decide if you see Lone Star (imo the best Frisco team) in the 2nd round followed up by Highland Park (who no doubt will get top spot in that district of theirs) in the 3rd round.
  5. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    The only satisfaction any of us need is knowing we’re still playing with a chance to go to State on the state’s highest level of high school football, despite our kicking game trying to lose it for us, while Lufkin is sitting at home.
  6. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    lol I meet 007 every year at the Lufkin SQT or the Tyler SQT. I meet new posters from Smoaky or the 6A board every year. Every person I sit with at Longview games are from meeting them off the boards. One of my best friends is from someone I met at the first Lufkin SFA game in 2004 that is a mod at Smoaky. Anything I say in any board, I’m willing to back up in person and have numerous times. Anytime you want to meet, I’m more than willing.
  7. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    I don’t mind Lufkin fans not cheering for us. That’s not what my post was about. It’s the constant coming here trying to down our program just because we won. “Not as good as they think,” despite winning two games over Lufkin this season...and this time with a sophomore quarterback.
  8. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Someone is full of sour grapes today. We said all week long that we had a bend but don’t break defense. That we had stopped numerous teams on the plus side of the field. And guess what, we did again. Keep living on that stats, we had four drives on your side of the field to start things. A 50 yard KO return, however long the Williams return was plus a blocked punt and a fumbled punt return. The difference in the game would’ve been special teams had Longview lost too. We left five points on the field for you just with our kicking game alone, and you still couldn’t win. King had one horrendous pass all day so i don’t know where you are coming that he makes all these mistakes. Did that one pass hurt us? Sure. There’s another free 7 points for y’all that you shouldn’t of had. But guess what. He’s a freakin sophomore and he came back and rallied for two more touchdowns, one on the ground and one in the final minute of a State Quarterfinal game through the air. The other interception is on Carter for just standing and watching and not fighting for the ball while also a brilliant play by your defender. The only other pass that should have been better was the throw right before the field goal attempt when he overthrew a wide open Perry. And well, we all know they made up for that later on. Beat salty all you want. Cheer for the opposing team all you want. Brag about having better stats all you want. Brag about having more fans in a stadium 15 miles from your home town (even though it was closer than 50/50 than you’ll ever care to admit) all you want. Fact remains, Longview found a way to win despite not being at their absolute best and leaving countless points on the field all day long. The defense made stops to keep it a one score game when needed most. The special teams made plays when needed most. And we had our sophomore quarterback make a play when needed most to win the game. We’ve more than shared our congrats on a great season with every single poster that’s come along. And I say it again to Panther Nation. But man alive, for someone who claims all these things about just being happy about playing and not letting high school students affect his mood....you just are full of anger and angst. You came for us earlier in the year for talking about our team too much and enjoying previewing games and enjoying looking into our program’s future. And now you just want to make excuses for how things went down yesterday and cheer for anyone but Longview. I’m glad we won’t have another one of these for three years at least just so I don’t have to casually read your hypocricial rhetoric over and over again. But no doubt, you’ll be right back here next season screaming about something we’re doing. Best of luck to the rest of Panther Nation. I know y’all will do well in 5A. Will be tough to replace Thomas but no doubt y’all will find someone.
  9. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Congrats on the big W, Pack. Let’s shock the state and have a rematch.
  10. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Good luck today Lp!!
  11. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    It's definitely smaller than the home side. We've only been on that side once but we completely filled it up plus had to go to the overflow crowd of stands on the side.
  12. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    I can't stand those Heath jerseys. So plain and no color for a team that says their school colors are red and black. Yawn.
  13. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    Congrats on the W Lufkin! Knew y'all would dominate Heath.
  14. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    All of their games are archived on http://sportsgram.net/
  15. Lufkin Panther Football 2017

    I believe Pine Tree finished 3rd in their district anyways. But it's not like most of those teams won't be eliminated after one week. Won't make much of a difference and if a higher team loses to them...well.