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    Update on Outlaw Film

    Update from Skinner Digital: "Outlaw" on Fox Sports Southwest Aug 21. Thank you all for being the core audience for "Outlaw" since we set out on day one to make a documentary about a legendary man. So much has changed in our world since then, but Outlaw's spirit lives on through those he touched. We are happy to announce that "Outlaw: Life, Death and Texas Football will air on Monday August 21, at 7 p.m. This just so happens to be the same day North America will experience a total solar eclipse. He is still getting the last laugh all the way from behind the stars in heaven.
  2. LPanther

    Update on Outlaw Film

    Outlaw: Life, Death and Texas Football. We are very excited to announce that "Outlaw" will be available on iTunes and Amazon Video this November 22, 2016 for purchase and rental. You will also be able to stream the film on Google Play, Microsoft Movies&TV, Sony PlayStation and VUDU. If you desire a DVD, please send an email to info@coachoutlaw.com. We have a limited supply, so please let us know. A new movie trailer will available on Facebook and CoachOutlaw.com very soon. Thank you all for your faith in the picture, it is because of your prayers and help that this film will now be able to be seen by parents and children across America and beyond. You should be very proud of that. Please click on the icons below to follow the Facebook and Twitter page. We will have updates there soon. #NeverGiveUp
  3. LPanther

    Update on Outlaw Film

    Upcoming Screenings of: Outlaw: Life, Death and Texas Football Coming Soon to: Clarksville, Arkansas - University of the Ozarks Benton, Arkansas - Cinemark Theaters Sherman, Texas - Cinemark Theaters September 22nd at 7pm - Clarksville, Arkansas - University of the Ozarks 415 N College Ave, Clarksville AR 72830 (RCC: Taylor,Bean) Free Admission October 1st at 5pm - Benton, Arkansas - Cinemark Tinseltown 17314 I-30, Benton, AR 72019 (Tickets on sale now at Southtown Sporting Goods in Arkadelphia) October 20th at 7pm - Sherman, Texas - Cinemark 3310 Town Center St. Sherman, TX 75090 (Tickets on sale at High School Athletic office after Homecoming)
  4. LPanther

    Update on Outlaw Film

    OUTLAW UPDATE Thank you all for being such great and patient supporters of the late Coach John Outlaw, and the film made in his honor. We are very happy to report to you that the film has been signed to an agreement with Filmbuff out of New York for distribution. They showed an interest in the film shortly after it screened via the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (great festival..you should go this October) and they never wavered. So what all this means is that Outlaw's story will be told from the valleys to the mountain tops across America and beyond very soon. Everyone will be able to see the film. Filmbuff is aiming for a fall release - to coincide with football season. So be sure to keep yourself up to date on Facebook and/or Twitter. Links below. https://www.facebook.com/Outlaw-Life-Death-and-Texas-Football-119083981634878/ https://twitter.com/coach_outlaw Thank you, Matt Skinner
  5. This is the latest information on the Outlaw Film from Matt Skinner ...... Dear Outlaw Nation, Thank you for all of your support. The film is now ready to be converted to a DCP. This "DCP" format makes the film ready to be shown on the big screen. We are actively looking for sponsors to help us play at the Cinemark in Lufkin. Having the film play at the Cinemark - Lufkin, in high definition and surround sound is our ultimate desire for you, the audience, to view the picture. Please let us know of any businesses or individuals that might be interested in coming in as a sponsor. OR... Please contact Cinemark and ask them to wave the screening fee. It is $2000.00 for 2 hours, and we believe we could have multiple showings. We want to donate ticket proceeds to the Lufkin Alumni Association - John Outlaw Scholarship Fund. Thank you,Matt Skinner skinnerdigital@gmail.com
  6. Outlaw Film Update from Skinner Digital You did it!! You made it happen. Thank you all for your unwavering patience and support. The long wait is over. We are proud to announce that Outlaw: Life Death and Texas Football will be screening at North America's oldest non fiction film festival, The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. We feel very humbled by this invitation, not only because of this wonderful festival, but it is a 30 minute drive from Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Arkadelphia is where Coach Outlaw blessed so many lives from his days as Head Coach and Athletic Director. So if your life was affected by Coach Outlaw directly or indirectly please go buy a ticket and fill up the Arlington Cinema 1 on October 12 at 3:15pm (central). Texas screenings are in the works! Film Festival Information