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  1. It's not really about COVID or student safety, it's about the $2M SFA or other Soutland Conference schools would lose by not playing those non-conference games. 😎
  2. This is a total crock of mess, play your non conference in the fall, but we are not playing conference games until the spring because of COVID safety????. What a total freaking mush of insanity. https://www.ktre.com/2020/08/13/sfas-conference-only-play-non-conference-football-schedule-fall/ Southland Conference to play non conference fall football but not conference football until spring. I give up. I'm so frustrated with all this stupid mess, where COVID and so many other things have all been mixed together to control in some cases our most simple freedoms. Be careful with this, because you wont realize what you've lost, 'till it's gone.
  3. With 12 States and the District of Columbia not playing fall football, there has been a huge uptick of transfers to States who are playing fall football. I mentioned this would happen for a couple reasons. One, early graduation of recruited scholarship offered players who want to be at their respective colleges for spring football. Second, players needing to still get noticed by scouts in order to receive a scholarship to play at a college next season. Many reports out there of this happening. Just two that I have read talks about players from Colorado transferring to Arizona HS to play, whole families moving. Another story about California players and their families transferring to Iowa . These players are not waiting to play HS football in the spring. https://qctimes.com/sports/high-school/football/trickle-of-high-school-transfers-may-become-a-tidal-wave/article_35b7ab82-82fd-5e57-a954-fa29f08fe855.html https://www.kcci.com/article/out-of-state-high-school-players-relocate-to-iowa-for-football/33515882#
  4. When it comes to getting the 2020 high school football season off the ground amid the coronavirus pandemic, only one thing is certain – nothing is certain. That's the prism start dates across the country should be viewed through. As of August 12, 35 states still plan to play this fall with Utah the first to get underway Aug. 13 and running through an early October start in New Jersey. 14 states and the District of Columbia have already announced intentions to push their seasons back to sometime in 2021 while 2 other states have yet to make it official one way or the other. See where things stand – tentatively – in all 50 states and D.C. below. FALL 2020 State – Start Date / Original Start Date Utah – Aug. 13 / Aug. 13 Alaska – Aug. 20 / Aug. 20Indiana – Aug. 20 / Aug. 20North Dakota – Aug. 20 / Aug. 20 South Dakota – Aug. 20 / Aug. 20 Tennessee – Aug. 20 / Aug. 20 Alabama – Aug. 21 / Aug. 21 Arkansas – Aug. 23 / Aug. 23 Idaho – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27 Iowa – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27 Michigan – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27Montana – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27Nebraska – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27Texas – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27 * (1A -4A) Sept 24/Sept 26 * (5A-6A)Wyoming – Aug. 27 / Aug. 27Missouri – Aug. 28 / Aug. 28 Ohio – Aug. 28 / Aug. 28 Oklahoma – Aug. 28 / Aug. 28 West Virginia – Sept. 3 / Aug. 24 Georgia – Sept. 4 / Aug. 20 Kansas – Sept. 4 / Sept. 4 Maine – Sept. 4 / Sept. 4 Mississippi – Sept. 4 / Aug. 28 New Hampshire – Sept. 4 / Sept. 4 Kentucky – Sept. 11 / Aug. 20 Pennsylvania – Sept. 11 / Aug. 28 Rhode Island – Sept. 11 / Sept. 11 Massachusetts – Sept. 14 / August 17 New York – Sept. 21 / Aug. 24 Wisconsin – Sept. 23 / Aug. 20 Connecticut – Sept. 24 / Sept. 10 South Carolina – Sept. 25 / Aug. 20 Arizona – Sept. 30 / Aug. 19 New Jersey – Oct. 2 / Aug. 28 Louisiana – Oct. 8 / Sept. 4 * Classes 6A and 5A will start five weeks later with games beginning Sept. 24. ** Some regions to be determined. SPRING 2021 State – Start Date / Original Start Date California – Jan. 8 / Aug. 21 District of Columbia – Feb. 22 / Aug. 28 Colorado – Feb. 22 / Aug. 27 North Carolina – Feb. 26 / Aug. 20 Virginia – March 1 / Aug. 28New Mexico – March 4 / Aug. 17Nevada – March 5 / Aug. 14 Washington – March 8 / Sept. 4 Oregon – March 8 / Sept. 4 Illinois – TBD / Aug. 28 Minnesota – TBD / Aug. 28 Maryland – TBD / Sept. 4 Hawaii – TBD / Sept. 4 Delaware – TBD / Sept. 11 Vermont – TBD/ Aug. 28 TO BE DETERMINED State – Original Start Date Florida – Aug. 20
  5. With the Big Ten and PAC 12 cancelling their fall football schedule, there will now be a new Top 10 or 15 in NCAA Football. The Big Ten and Pac 12 both said they would consider a spring season, no guarantees there from those two. When the Falls football starts, they are going to either look real bad or real good depending on how the COVID chips fall. Leave Nebraska alone, they want to play in the fall, despite their critics from the Big Ten. Hope they can find a way to pull off a schedule. Here a new Top 20 Pre Season picks for NCAA Football - minus the Big Ten and Pac 12 . 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Georgia 4. Oklahoma 5. LSU 6. Florida 7. Notre Dame 8. Texas 9. Texas A&M 10. Auburn 11. Oklahoma State 12. North Carolina 13. UCF 14. Cincinnati 15. Miami 16. Baylor 17. TCU 18.Virginia Tech 19. Tennessee 20. Iowa State Still, an impressive list of teams and talent. If I were a College Football fan who lived in the Northern or the Western part of the U.S., it probably sucks to be a fan at this moment.
  6. Christian Diaz, Journie Thomas, A J Montgomery and a couple others that I do not know their name. Working out catching a few during some training exercises. We are told that Journie Thomas, an underclassman, has a huge upside to being another JaLynn Polk or JaBryce Taylor type outside WR for Lufkin over the next couple of years. 6-1 or 6-2 now , mentioned he had 4.4 - 40 time in track.
  7. The Big 12 Conference has opted to move forward with fall football and released a "9+1" 2020 schedule. Days after the Pac-12 and Big Ten decided to cancel fall football and push it to the spring, the Big 12 has doubled down on playing in the fall. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2020/08/12/big-12-moving-ahead-with-fall-football-releases-2020-schedule?ref=article_preview_img This is good news for Texas High School Football to make the effort to push through for a season.
  8. Lastest schedule from the UIL on 7/21/2020. Things are still fluid and could be re adjusted again.
  9. Texas High School Coaches Association Released their survey report on summer camps 8/10/2020.
  10. OSHA is investigating the death of a construction worker at Lufkin High School on Thursday. Several calls went out to 911 operators detailing the emergency at 8 a.m. Thursday. β€œI have a man who has collapsed, he’s unresponsive, at Lufkin High School,” said an unidentified caller to a 911 operator. β€œHe’s being given CPR at this time. He’s not breathing.” https://www.ktre.com/2020/08/11/worker-lufkin-high-school-construction-site-dies-prompting-federal-investigation/ The caller directed the operator to the site of construction around the back entrance of the high school. The caller identified the patient as a 45-year-old Hispanic male who had been unconscious for about five minutes before the call. The operator asked several times what happened, but no one responded. The operator transferred the caller to Regional EMD so they could instruct them how to handle the situation until emergency responders could reach them. Chauntra Rideaux from the Office of Public Affairs at the OSHA Dallas office confirmed that the federal agency is investigating and more details will be available once the investigation is complete. Lufkin ISD directed comments to Berry & Clay Construction, the construction manager for the multi-purpose facility and the middle school projects. Berry & Clay said the man worked for S&D Erectors and directed comment to them. One of the co-owners of S&D Erectors said the company had no comment at this time on the incident. Grace Juarez's email address is grace.juarez@lufkindailynews.com.
  11. FYI, this is not to lessen the effects of COVID on some people. This virus has been devastating to many and has taken far too many lives. Not trying to make a point either way. Just tying to give some actual facts and percentages to consider. For example, you have the most populous county in Texas is Harris County (Houston), with a population of 4,700,000 people. The last 6 months they have recorded almost 87,000 COVID cases and 905 deaths. That's over 4.6M who have not had COVID. The chance of catching COVID in the most populous county in Texas the last six months is an .0185% chance. Same thing for Angelina County, 1877 cases to date in a population of 88,000, which is a .0213% chance of catching the virus. That's your chances without taking any precautions at all. Even less of a chance when wearing a mask and social distancing. It's a very low percentage of probability, and if you are in good health the percentage goes down even further. The people with underlying health conditions are 90% of all cases. Those are facts, not made up statistics, just do the math, The math doesn't lie. COVID is a virus, your not going to stop it, it will still be here next spring, next summer and next fall and probably still around somewhere in 2022. A vaccine doesn't cure, it only HELPS prevent, it's not a silver bullet. People need to understand this point and I will not take the COVID shot just like I don't take FLU shots. Flu shot doesn't always keep a person from catching the Flu, that's a fact. Neither will a COVID vaccine. So, do you keep shutting down things,? Did they shut down with H1N1 , SARS or Ebola. No, they did not. They took proper precautions in some places, but did not close down schools, sports or shut down businesses. There are bigger reasons behind all of this, and it's a shame that everything has come down to us all living like this. I'm one who has not quarantined much, rely on my own common sense to make my own decisions about my health and will continue to do so. I do the research, do not believe everything as face value. People need to think more for themselves. Sorry to get off the sports track, however it is important to make such statistical references based on the huge changes that have taken place with our sports, schools, jobs and everyday life, based on such a low percentage of the population overall who actually having caught COVID 19. No doubt all those people who have not been sick, have been affected by all these restrictions, it has made perfectly healthy people give up some freedoms and changed how they live their lives. Not trying to sway anyone's thinking, because there is no acceptable number you can put on losing lives. Just some interesting numbers to look at, as they use to say on the old "Dragnet" TV series, Joe Friday use to say "Just the Facts, Ma' am". If the powers that be play football. I will try to attend games, and If they decide to scrap the season. I will just find something else to do or someplace else to go. The only things I put my true dedication to these days is God, Family, Country and friends in that order. Everything else just needs to take a number. I'll delete this in the next couple days. By then we may know our direction for football the rest of the year or even until next fall. My hope is that Texas High School football will be played without any further changes.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/big-ten-canceling-football-catastrophic-college-athletes-ohio-rep NCAA Football Conferences deciding today, what to do? If Big Ten does not play, Nebrasks wants to opt out to play in part of a schedule elsewhere. They need to go back to the Big 12 anyway and let West Virginia join the Big Ten. All about the money.
  13. It is always so ironic to me, that something that is suppose to be secret and released in a timely manner always gets leaked by an anonymous source. Anyway, There are two leaked reports coming out claiming that by the end of next week our 2020 college the football season will be scrapped. I know that the Big 12, PAC 12 and ACC will meet on Tuesday. The Big Ten voted 12-2 to cancel their season today, two or three other smaller conferences have done so as well. A couple more moved to spring but could follow suit with the others if all the big conferences cancel. New Mexico HS are playing in the spring. 2A Ben Bolt cancelled their football season today. Now, Officials with El Paso's largest district are looking to extend the start of in-person education until at least Oct. 19. That includes, El Paso Austin, Burges, Andress, Chapin, Irvin, Bowie, Jefferson, Coronado, Franklin and El Paso High are all EPISD teams. The entirety of District 2-5A DII, two teams in District 1-6A, and one team (Chapin) in District 1-5A DI. One of my favorite movie quotes by Tommy Lee Jones, "if this is not a mess, it will do until the mess gets here".
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