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  2. I agree with Chad and 007, these kids have too not get caught up in all the smack talking and stupid penalties. Playing smarter will get them a little farther along the road to the championship
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  4. Yep.....let them talk. if they know they can get to you, they'll continue to do it...
  5. As long as it takes to not cost your team over a stupid selfish penalty. Fight their a$$ on the scoreboard.
  6. I also have been looking at the line star team, they are very well coached with some good experience guys. It will take a some real experiment plays
  7. I don’t want to say that thes guys are not that indisciplined, hoe long do you allow unsportsmanlike conduct and guys taking advantage of you until you night back. That is just the fight in the dog. How many time people say that there house dog doesn’t bite, them he does. Mess with him if you want, but beware.
  8. The coaches are responsible to teach players and make them better. Also make good calls to put offense in best possible position to be successful. They are all gonna make mistakes players and coaches alike. The kids I feel are giving their best effort till whistle blows. This team is very special and has what it takes to win in Texas and that is very difficult to do. They are earning these victories as far as I can tell, even with the lack of discipline at times. Still just HS kids playing a game and hopefully enjoying it!
  9. Just imagine how much better it would be. If they didnt have to overcome adversity that they themselves create with dumb penalties due to lack of discipline and poor decision making. Its always just win baby until you lose because of avoidable mistakes. You talk about the coaches, are they out there getting personal fouls on a big 3rd down stop, losing containment or making the wrong reads? Nah they aren’t. Doesn’t mean they also dont make mistakes but if you are trying to put it on the staff and praise the players then i think thats a short sighted perspective
  10. I agree we need to turn the pressure up with some stunts.
  11. Yes he was pissed ,when they started hitting him. Lufkin,s defense should come out hard in the first quarter and get after these QBs....I would send somebody every play,the way that LA West Monroe did us a few yrs ago....that gets in most High school qb,s head after you tune them up a bit😁 And coach should have had them ready for that onside kick, everybody from Lufkin knew it was coming
  12. Maxpreps isn’t always accurate, but it shows this will be the first time Lone Star has traveled away from the DFW this season. And first time they’ve traveled away from the DFW since 2015. When they had no choice but to travel to Houston for the state title game. A game they lost to Cedar Park. Must be nice not to have to travel..
  13. He's a dirty player, The team actually was very dirty.
  14. Their QB really lost his nerve when we started getting to him.
  15. Not sure. Something i was told by players last night
  16. Has it been confirmed concussion
  17. Yep, it’s not a small one. I told Chad he would more than likely miss the game next week.
  18. No such thing as a small concussion if that's the fact. He would miss Saturday by rule if im not mistaking if that is the official diagnosis
  19. Can't complain I'll pick my oldest kid up in Temple and head to the game in Waco. Works out perfect. Off topic but I was told by the head coach of Temple he would start as a freshman next year. So I'll have 2 teams next season. After their debacle against Horn last night they will need all the help they can get. As for Lonestar not worried. There offense struggles against good defenses. Now defensively they have some talent. They defend the spread really good but they only play with 5 in the box. At least that's what they showed against The Colony who runs a spread offense. Not sure they will try that with our running game should be interesting. Just think they have serious offensive issues.
  20. LP football gets just smoked by their own fans constantly. This team is not perfect nor ever will be, they have overcome adversity in most every game. To me this is a sign they are a championship caliber team! We all need to just relax and enjoy the ride. Really this all comes down to "Just win baby" and this team has done that. Even with the mistakes they are still winning, another sign of a great football team. When they do put together a flawless performance they dominate. I for one am very proud of the kids for their effort in every game! If anything some of these coaches have put this team in bad situations they should never have been in. Including last night IMHO.
  21. Got that from Dallas Morning News. O well.
  22. #5 looks like he has a small concussion
  23. Home side wasn’t close to being full. It was like that kinda last year against Rockwall. But the fans showed up on the road.
  24. Can’t say, but he may be out for this one.
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