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  2. 5A DI Regional Finals Region II Frisco Lone Star 38 Lancaster 20 Region IV San Antonio Wagner 74 Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial 14
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  4. You said in a previous post that he ran toward the wrong hole on that wildcat play and there wasn’t a hole. Some of y’all gotta stop putting it on the kids every year. I put it on then last year....because of the turnovers. But the Coaches gotta take blame for Friday. They are supposed to put them in situations to at least have a chance to be successful. They didn’t do that against Thigh. And it’s not just this season. We have several seasons, even with Outlaw as the HC. But let’s put all the blame on the kids every year. They called those great wildcat plays and of course the fake FG. What a great play that was.....BS!
  5. I was going to say it if we won against Thigh, but a waste now. His mom said he would be back sooner than expected.
  6. Only 51 games this weekend. It is winding down quick. This is all that is left of the 5A DI teams. 5A DI Denton Ryan Colleyville Heritage Denton Ryan favored by 17 5A DI Frisco Lone Star Lancaster Frisco Lone Star favored by 7 5A DI Alvin Shadow Creek Manor Alvin Shadow Creek favored by 27 5A DI San Antonio Wagner CC Veterans Memorial San Antonio Wagner favored by 11
  7. Project for the GYM behind the scoreboard has been in full swing for the past couple of weeks. Dirt work and tree removal and in general a great deal of ground work to be done. It has started, you can't really see anything, they have barricades everywhere now. Looking forward to the end results.
  8. The Pork Butts were delicious at Thanksgiving, if you have never enjoyed these, you need to mark your calendar for next year. Outstanding.
  9. Lufkin boys 55, Beaumont West Brook 54 — The Lufkin Panthers opened the 2019 Nederland Bulldog/YMBL Classic with a 55-54 win over the Beaumont West Brook Bruins on Thursday night. Lufkin scorers were Christian Reggie (11), Natron Wortham and Jackson Parks (10), Jordan Moore and Zay Shankle (8), T.K. Scott (7) and Elijah Johnson (3). The game was tied 18-18 after a quarter, and Lufkin led 31-24 at halftime and 41-38 after three quarters. Lufkin continues the tournament at noon today against Bridge City. The Panthers also play Vidor at 7:30 tonight.
  10. The Lufkin Lady Panthers opened the Hudson Invitational with a pair of lopsided wins on Thursday. In the opener, Brookelyn Fowler scored 11 points to lead Lufkin to a 46-13 win over the Diboll Lady Jacks. Mallory Patel added 8 points for Hudson, and Tori Coleman had 5. In the second game, Aaliyah Menefee poured in 26 points to lead Lufkin to a 63-25 win over Livingston. Alecia Rivera-Scott added 12 points and Mallory Patel had 7. Also in girls action Thursday night, Hudson took a 58-35 win over Diboll. Lufkin continues the Hudson tournament at 10:50 this morning when it faces Lovelady in the Hornet Gym. In boys action Thursday, Hudson closed the day with a 68-56 win over the Diboll Lumberjacks. Earlier in the day, Hudson took a 53-46 win over Whitehouse, and Diboll posted a 57-47 win over Whitehouse.
  11. Lufkin Lady Pack go 2-0 on the day with a win over Livingston. 63-25. Aaliyah Menefee led the way with 26 points! Alecia Rivera-Scott with 12 points & Mallory Patel with 7 points.
  12. Aaliyah Menefee scored 12 points to lead the Lufkin Lady Panthers to a convincing 58-31 win over the Silsbee Lady Tigers at Panther Gym Tuesday night. Mallory Patel scored 9 points for the Lady Pack, and Brookelyn Fowler and Niya Cottrell added 8 apiece. Lufkin will compete in the Hudson tournament starting Thursday. Lufkin Lady Pack won this morning vs Diboll in the Hudson Invitational. 46-13. Every player chipped in! The Pack were led by: Brookelyn Fowler 11pts Mallory Patel 8pts Tori Coleman 5pts
  13. Longview boys 64, Lufkin 59 — Zay Shankle scored 13 points, but the Longview Lobos had a late surge to take a 64-59 win over the Lufkin Panthers in non-district action in Longview Tuesday night. Jackson Parks and Natron Wortham added 9 points apiece for Lufkin in its first loss of the season. Other Lufkin scorers were Jordan Moore (8), Christian Reggie (7) and KaVorick Williams, Hunter Jones and T.K. Scott (3). Phillip Washington led Longview with 23 points, while Chase Glasper had 20. Other Longview scorers were Zion Stanley (8), Malik Henry (4) and Kybrian Jackson Jamerson and Jalen Hale (3). Lufkin led 20-7 after a quarter and 34-33 at half before the game was tied 47-47 after three quarters. Lufkin will play in the Nederland tournament starting Thursday. Nederland Tournament Lufkin 55 Beaumont Westbrook 54 Leading scorers: Christian Reggie 11 Jackson Parks 10 Natron Wortham 10 Lufkin will play Bridge City at 12:00 pm and Vidor at 7:30 pm tomorrow.
  14. Your correct. The Head guy in any business or in this case sport program, always bears the burden of success or lack of, for the program they lead. L-Town and Timeout, you both have made good points of discussion.
  15. Players hold some responsibility to what happens on the field. The players also come and go, but the captain of the ship has remained the same. At some point you gotta hold the person/people in charge accountable. That is how it is in any company, institution, organization or what ever you want to call it. I guarantee you will see a new store manager at Wal-Mart if their numbers fall too short of expectations. Especially if it is something that is habitual. Although I doubt they would let it get that far. Blaming it on your subordinates will not cut it. The same as blaming your players only goes so far. I think the bigger question is what are the districts expectations for the program? Is it about winning football games or simply mentoring/coaching young men a in positive environment? One would hope to be able to do both. It's possible that it could just be the latter. If thats the case, then perhaps he's doing a fine job.
  16. Well I will put it like this we have to stop blaming the coaches because when I would ask a kid what happen how y'all lose the first thing they will say is the coaches and I am like o yeah how so well if we would have called this play are that play I am like so the coaches made Berry run through the wrong hole on the plays are the coaches made that DLine whoop the OLine the kid was like yes I said what how is that the coaches fault the kid really couldn't answer that I ask the kid when are y'all gone get tired of getting y'all butt man handled and own up to what y'all don't do and stop listening to people say it's on the coaches because y'all have to do y'all job also
  17. Just need to say this because it is on my mind. We've got a head coach who we know for 8 years has been saying how we need to be focused in our preparation, giving great effort and playing downhill. That’s all we’re all about, is having the best effort and focused practices that we can possibly have, in preparing for a game. And that's been his messaging throughout those 8 years, talking about getting on a run and winning District titles and the goals of a State Championship. Somehow , others entities are not on the same page with his same intensity to win it all, whether it be players, or others coaches. Hard to say. I say all this, because I think I know Coach Todd Quick and his desire to win as a head coach. I hear it in meetings, he is real about his intentions to do well. He had an awesome mentor in John Outlaw. However, there is definately somekind of disconnect between what he desires and results on the field in playoff games. There is no doubt in my mind that Coach Quick desires those playoff runs and Title chases and puts his best best effort forward to achieve those things. No one wants to lose the first playoff game at home, you can bet Coach Quick didn't want to lose. You know it was fact that it was a surprise to most in the State. If we don't have the talent anymore, then let's just say it and leave the coaches alone. However, I do not believe that has been the case the past three years. There are lots of coaching staffs around the State who are able to do more with the less talent than Lufkin. Why is that? Are the players not taking care of preparing off the field as they should be doing. Is winning it all that important to them, or are they willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen? I don't know??, and those are not accusations, I'm thinking out loud here. I repeat what I said earlier, some kind of disconnect exist. Our program can win regular season games, but come playoff time, we get puckered up for some reason. What is the solution? I don't know that either. Should we just need to hope for the best and not expect more than what we get? The expectations to win playoff games has to be in it for me or I don't get that interested in just the regular season. That's because the margin of error is not that great with 4 teams from each district making the playoffs. Look, a 2-8 team can make the 1st round of the playoffs. In the playoffs, it is the best that move on and that is where I want Lufkin to be again. Hope a solution can be found soon, because in my opinion Coach Quick is as hard a working coach as you will find, wants to win and wants the best for his players. There are just so many frustrated Pack fans I talk to and I have no answer for them, because I have no clue. We have about 3 more weeks in the season, then it will all be over and done for 2019. On paper, Lufkin should have lots of experience coming back in several positions, we also lose some key talent. So, anything better than Round 1 or 2 in the playoffs look pretty good right now.
  18. Last week
  19. I had a big family thanksgiving dinner last Thursday on lake Conroe at my grandmas house. Being that my wife owns and operates one of the local T-shirt shops here in town, I had me a Lufkin football shirt made with “Regular season warriors” printed on it. Thought it was very appropriate for what we have become. Because once the playoffs come around, we dip out like chumps. Either way, it was a big hit at dinner. Largely in part to my family being Highlander fans and living in The Woodlands
  20. https://twitter.com/jpolk_22/status/1202397862488875009 Looks like the shoulder is well now.
  21. Yep, the atmosphere, the love of the game, the folks you traveled with, all that became special to you and me as well, because the Panthers were winning playoff games back then. It was exciting and new for Pack fans. If that had not happen, then they may have not been so special. Everyone looks at these things differently. For myself, I go to all the games and have the expectations to play more playoff games. Like the one's that made watching Panther football so special for myself and other people back in 1998 to 2005. I would like to see those days again. Not sure we ever will, so hold on to those memories.
  22. To look back on the games i can find fond memories as a kid going to the games with Book and brother Bob! Even in the losses I remember the excitement of traveling and the thrill of watching the games. The atmosphere, the sights the smells! I notice the older i got it started to become more about winning and less about the enjoyment of the games. Yeah its great to win and i want to win but honestly id rather watch the games like i was a kid again. I didn’t understand the expectations. I didnt feel the need to overstate my opinions or my frustrations. It was just Lufkin Panther football. As simple as that sounds it was extremely complex in what it meant to me and it was all pure! Somewhere along the way i had expectations and they would turn into disappointments. Somewhere along the way those disappointments became my expectations! That became Lufkin Panther football for me! Yeah i want to win! I want to see the Pack hold that trophy again! Looking back though more than anything. I just want to Love Panther Football again! I realize now that ultimately i fell in love with the gratification of winning and have been chasing that every year. Not saying im ok with Losing just saying im no longer going to overshadow the experience with the end result! Im not playing the games. Im not preparing anyone to play. Im doing this most simple thing. Showing up and watching lol. Thats should not be stressful nor discouraging. I see now just how easy it Is to lose the meaning of it all.
  23. That 2000 waco game was freezing cold. If i remember correctly it was at bryan viking stadium and derrick johnson was a man!!! Lol
  24. One thing you can say about Rockwall. They may not be able to beat Longview in their district, but they know how to put it together come playoff time. Rockwall may not win it all this year, but those guys are in the 4th round and are picked to advance to Round #5. Lufkin has also some of success in past playoff seasons, not as the District Champion, but as the Runner up or 3rd place team in district. Go way way back to 1998, Lufkin went 4 rounds as the 3rd place team (Dallas Kimball Win 24-10 , Plano East Win 31-21 , Georgetown Win 35-28 2/OT , Lake Highlands Loss 17-14 ) . The Pack was the 2nd place team in 1999, went 2 rounds (Dallas Carter WIN 24-18 , Garland LOSS 26-20). The 2000 team, 2nd place and went 3 playoff rounds (Dallas Kimball WIN 14-0 , Allen WIN 43-16 , Waco LOSS 21-14) . Now, the 2002 Panther team finished 2nd in district, with 2 losses to Tyler Lee that year in the infamous Round Robin District play, where we played everyone twice in a 4 team district. They achieved 5 rounds that year. (North Mesquite WIN 34-28 , Allen WIN 28-6 , Klein Forest WIN 38-21 , Longview WIN 24-21 ( 3rd meeting of the year), Southlake Carroll LOSS 33-30). In 2012, Lufkin was the 2nd place team, had two bad losses to Longview and The Woodlands early, but finished strong and went 3 rounds.( Spring Dekaney W 35 - 20, Pflugerville W 56 - 43, Plano West L 55-52). In 2017, we were again the 2nd place team behind The Woodlands. We went 4 rounds deep. ( Rockwall Heath won 28-7, Richardson Pearce Won 35-18, Spring Westfield Won 14-11, Longview Loss 33-32). Just something to think about, really means nothing at all but statistics.
  25. I Like the way he speaks as a coach, we could use a little more of that here too.
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